What is the Sciatic Nerve? What is Sciatica?

Back PainOver 65 million Americans suffer from back pain. In fact, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, back pain is a leading cause of missed work and the most common cause of job – related disability in the United States. Many times, pain in the lower back could be caused by a condition called sciatica. Sciatica is a condition often caused by a ruptured or herniated disk that irritates the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is formed from the nerve roots coming out of the spinal cord into the lower back. When the nerve is irritated it can cause debilitating pain, numbness or a tingling sensation down the leg and occasionally all the way to the foot. At times, the pain is so severe that the pain sufferer may lose control over the leg.

Causes of sciatica

Treatments for sciatica

Depending on the cause of the sciatica, it can take weeks to years to relieve the pain from the condition. Research has not shown that low activity versus high activity and physical therapy will help the symptoms. Although medications do not always relieve the pain in the sciatic nerve, medications are typically the first line treatment option. If medications don’t work, the physician will work with the patient to determine the next steps which could include surgery, epidural injection or alternative medicines.

When should you see a physician regarding sciatica and what type of physician should you see?

Patients with sciatica or similar conditions are typically seen by Orthopaedists or Neurosurgeons. At Emory Orthopaedics & Spine we like to see patients when pain failed to be relieved with activity modifications and OTC medication or if it is associated with sensory or motor deficits, such as numbness or weakness

Dr. Di CuiAbout Dr. Cui
Dr. Cui is a physiatrist at the Emory Orthopaedics & Spine Center who specializes in non-surgical management of back, spinal and neck pain. Dr. Cui completed his medical school and residency at the Emory University School of Medicine. He has a special interest in oxidative stress and nutrition, and how they are related to aging.

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