Emory Connected Care: Virtual Medical Visits through Telehealth

Taking good care of yourself, seeing a doctor when something’s not right, and taking your medicine as prescribed are all vital to good health. So, why would you stop during a global pandemic? It can be difficult to navigate these uncertain times. You want to limit your exposure to others, but distancing from your doctor definitely shouldn’t be part of the plan.

At Emory Healthcare, we want our patients to be able to have the option to access high-quality medical care safely from their homes. That’s why we’ve expanded our telehealth program Emory Connected Care. Emory Healthcare providers from almost every medical specialty are available to consult with you online to discuss new symptoms, create a plan for care, and even prescribe new medications.

How Does Telehealth Work?

If you have a smartphone, tablet or computer with a built-in camera, you’re all set! You can rest assured that our telehealth system is secure and easy to navigate. We provide step-by-step instructions and are available by phone to offer additional support to help you feel prepared for your appointment. We use HIPAA-compliant software to ensure complete privacy and confidentiality. At Emory, patient safety and security are always at the top of our list.

You Don’t Have to Be Computer Savvy to Participate in Emory Connected Care

It’s not uncommon to feel a bit intimidated by something new. But if you’ve never tried telehealth services before, don’t let that stop you. Just ask Allen Garrison, an 88-year-old Emory Connected Care patient. He started having shoulder pain and was not able to get into the office to see his doctor. Before his telehealth appointment, he had some technical questions about the process and was able to speak to a member of our team to get the answers he needed for his appointment to go smoothly. During his virtual visit, he spoke with a nurse and a physician assistant who had access to his X-rays. “I found it very reassuring that I made that face-to-face contact,” Allen explains. In addition to getting a plan to treat his shoulder pain, Allen also gained peace of mind just from knowing that his doctors were there and that he could contact them again whenever he needed them.

What to Expect for Your Virtual Visit

Making an Emory Connected Care telehealth appointment is simple. Find an Emory provider and speak to the medical staff. If appropriate, we will schedule a telehealth audio/video visit accordingly. After you schedule your telehealth appointment:

  • You will be sent detailed instructions to prepare you for your visit and a link to join your visit.
  • Someone may call you right before your appointment to make sure you’re ready to go.
  • Then just click on the link at your scheduled time and wait for your medical professional to join you.

During your visit, you’ll discuss your symptoms and other relevant information. Your provider can usually diagnose issues, prescribe medicine and discuss a plan of care during your telehealth visit. If it turns out that your situation requires an in-person visit, we’ll help you schedule an in-office appointment.

Learn More about Your Online Appointment with Emory Connected Care

Don’t let the fear or uncertainty of COVID-19 stop you from getting the medical care you need. Emory Connected Care services are convenient, secure and effective. For more information about our telehealth services, visit our website.


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