The Palmers’ Leukemia Journey: Their Lives as a Winship Patient and Caregiver

Sitting in an exam room waiting for blood test results, Jonathan Palmer – then age 33 – expected to have a routine physical. He remembers guessing, “I wasn’t getting the right vitamins, or maybe...

Relationships and Stem Cells Made the Difference for this Leukemia Survivor

Maryann Sanak was already impressed by Emory’s medical experts long before her doctor referred her to Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University to treat her leukemia. When Maryann was 13 years old, her mom...

CAR T-Cell Therapy: Is It Right for You?

For a long time, doctors typically relied on chemotherapy, radiation or surgery to treat cancer. But, with advances in targeted therapies and immunotherapy, patients have more options than ever before. CAR T-cell immunotherapy is...


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