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Three Benefits of Proton Therapy for Specific Tumors and Cancers

The Emory Proton Therapy Center is the only proton therapy center in Georgia and one of 30 in the nation, putting the most advanced radiation tools in the hands of our highly specialized and...

4 Ways Men Can Lower Their Risk of Cancer

One out of every three men in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. This is a sobering statistic to consider. Beyond skin cancer, men are most...

What You Need to Know About Head and Neck Cancer

April is Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Month. Did you know that head and neck cancers account for approximately 3 percent of cancers diagnosed every year in the United States and affect more than...

Coping with Stress and Cancer

Cancer can create a great deal of stress as individuals try to understand their diagnosis, navigate treatment and manage follow-up care. Feelings of anger, sadness, worry, fear, as well as experiences of questioning personal...



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