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Egg Freezing Provides a Local Entrepreneur with a Sense of Control and Peace of Mind

Amber Guyton felt surprised by her gynecologist’s question during a routine appointment in 2022. And even more surprised by how the question changed her life. “My doctor asked me, ‘How do you feel about family...

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Symptoms and How It Can Affect Fertility

For some women, an irregular period is the first sign to talk to a doctor. “Women should consider their menstrual cycles an important signal from their bodies. If they are irregular, consider visiting with a...

“A Lifetime Dream Come True”: One Couple’s Journey with IVF

For many couples, their most fervent wish is to become parents. But, for many women, the path to pregnancy isn’t always easy. One of those women was Mia Mance. She and her husband Chad...



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