A lens is a lens is a lens — Or is it?

Choosing lensesIt’s time to get new glasses, and you’ve got the frames all picked out—but what about the lenses? Remember, the purpose of the glasses frame is to hold the lenses. Put mediocre lenses in a nice frame, and you might look good, but you won’t see well.

At the Emory Optical Center, we’ll make sure you look great and see well. Our eyewear experts have extensive experience crafting custom lenses that address a variety of visual challenges, from simple near and far sightedness to presbyopia to advanced macular degeneration. In fact, ophthalmologists from all over the Atlanta area send patients to us, knowing their prescriptions will be done right.

If you wear progressive lenses, you’re probably aware that multifocal lenses have come a long way over the past decade. Long gone are the lines in the lens that identified bifocal wearers in the past. New progressive lenses feature a seamless design and can address multiple vision impairments.

One of most exciting technological advancements in lenses is the freeform manufacturing process, which uses precision software to cut multiple curves on both the front and the back of a lens according to the patient’s unique prescription. This results in a highly effective lens that dramatically increases the wearer’s peripheral field of view. The free-form process is different from the traditional lens process, in which the prescription is cut into one side of semi-finished lens blanks.

Who might benefit from a free-form lens? A good example is a patient with macular degeneration who needs a high-power, versatile progressive lens. In this case, we can create a mixed front-side, back-side bifocal that gives an extremely high power for intermediate vision as well as an extremely high bifocal for reading.

At the Emory Optical Center, we offer four tiers of progressive lenses, from a basic design to the latest free-form technology. Whether you see an Emory ophthalmologist or bring your prescription in from elsewhere, we’ll put you in the lens that best suits your visual needs and price point.

Have you recently purchased glasses, or are you about to? We’d like to hear about your experience. Please take a moment to give us feedback in the comments section below.

About Brad Baird:
Brad Baird is the administrative consultant within Ophthalmology. Brad and the rest of the talented Optical Center team have been helping patients get the perfect fit for a combined total of more than 125 years.

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