Emory Healthcare Launches Special Site Dedicated to the Emory Healthcare 500

Emory Healthcare 500 website

The Emory Healthcare 500 is a truly special event. Not only is it a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series night race event, but it’s taking place on Labor Day weekend, and brings together a broad community with a wide variety of interests. Despite the the multifaceted nature of the Emory Healthcare 500 team, members of this community have more in common than meets the eye. Doctors and race teams alike work tirelessly in high pressure situations each and every day. Furthermore, physicians, nurses, drivers, race teams and all of the individuals that come together to organize an event such as the Emory Healthcare 500 must work together in collaboration to accomplish a common goal, often with limited time and resources. The Emory Healthcare 500 is an event that allows us to celebrate the constant effort and energy these groups of people put into making the communities in which we live a better place.

To help us celebrate the teams involved and the community that will be in attendance next weekend, we have launched a special website dedicated not only to the Emory Healthcare 500 race, but also to our community’s medical advances and overall health and wellness. This special site can be found at http://www.emoryhealthcare.org/500.

The Emory Healthcare 500 website features 500 unique and interesting facts ranging from tidbits such as “Did you know the 200 millionth American was born at Emory University Hospital Midtown?” to tips for how to spot cancer at home.

We welcome your feedback on the new site (feel free to leave a reply below) and look  forward to seeing our Emory Healthcare, Atlanta Motor Speedway, and Georgia communities this weekend for the biggest Labor Day party in Atlanta.

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  • Glenna S.

    For the past twenty years I have been under the care of a VA Hospital in New York. Since the death of my husband I hve been living with my daughter and her family in GA.

    I would like to have a packet sent to me so that I may establish myself for care.

    Currently, I am recovering from a spinal and back surgery, as well as having had he structure rebuilt to house the siatic nerve.

    Thank you so very much for reading this and giving consideration to helping me place myself correctly in your care. I shall await your instruction and instruction.

    • Morgan Griffith

      Hey Glenna,

      If you’d like to get in touch with the VA and make an appointment, their appointment line is (404)-329-2222. You can also try their main number, which is (404)-321-6111.

      If you’d like additional help or to speak to one of our nurses who can help you, you can also call our HealthConnectionSM team at (404)-778-7777 or 1-800-75-EMORY.

      Hope this helps!

    • Moderator

      Individually identifiable information removed for patient privacy.