Emory University Hospital Highly Ranked by U.S. News & World Report

Each year, U.S. News & World Report publishes their annual guide to “America’s Best Hospitals.” For the 20th year in the history of U.S. News & World Report’s hospital rankings, Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital has ranked in the prestigious list.

After evaluating 5,000 national hospitals, 152 were selected for inclusion in the 2010-11 list. As U.S. News & World Report notes, what these hospitals have in common is “their ability to take on and meet the most difficult challenges.”

In addition to being ranked among the nation’s best hospitals, Emory University Hospital placed among the country’s best in 11 of 16 evaluated specialties and garnered top 20 placements in five specialty areas– heart and heart surgery, opthalmology, psychiatry, kidney disorders, and neurology and neurosurgery. For a full list of Emory University Hospital’s specialty rankings, see the table below:

2010 US News rankings Emory University Hospital

Emory University Hospital was one of only two hospitals from Georgia that placed among the 2010-11 list of the nation’s best hospitals and the only hospital in the state of Georgia to have ranked in more than one specialty area.  As Emory Healthcare president and CEO, John T. Fox remarks, “We make a promise and a commitment to our patients and their loved ones each and every day to provide the very best care and service in a patient and family-centered environment. These rankings are but one way we measure our progress in delivering on that promise, and help us to continually improve on our service and challenge ourselves as health care professionals.”

We thank and congratulate every member of the Emory Healthcare team that helped to make this achievement possible. We look forward to seeing next year’s list as Emory Healthcare continues to demonstrate leadership in patient-centered health care.

For more information on the requirements for inclusion on U.S. News & World Report’s list, check out our press release about Emory University Hospital’s national ranking.

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  • Honeybear

    I am pleased to know that Emory is so highly ranked. Winship Cancer Center is wonderful, I can’t find the words to express my feeling as to how much Winship aided me in my bout with Breast and Lymp Node cancer. As far as I am concerned they are the best. I felt very confident with the Center and Physicians in the care they provided me. With that being said, their was no question in my mind as to who would do my reconstruction surgery, Emory. Now that is where I have the MAJOR problem. The physician (John Culberston, Jr., MD) who performed my surgery had ZERO clues or ideas as to how to preform breast reconstruction surgery. I knew the surgery was not correct immediately. As my healing time progressed it became more obvious to me that the surgery was a complete disaster. At my last visit with the surgeon (Dr. Culberston) he said,” everything looked great and he considered my surgery a success”, and sent me on my way. However I asked a question as to why he put a larger size implant in my right breast and the smaller size in the left where the tumor was removed. His reply, to make it look asymethical. Even my surgical oncologist said they looked great. My thoughts how could they possibly make the same comment. I’m thinking they both need an eye exam, are they looking at my breast! Now a year and three days later they look worse. I can’t even look at myself withou crying. I must take steps now when wearing a bra to make them look somewhat ok. Thank God I am not a stripper because I would be FIRED!! My left breast (cancer breast) now is constantly in pain. Since Emory has washed their hands regarding my resconstruction surgery what do I do? I have an idea!!! Just keep on crying and enduring the pain. This situation is just not right. Emory investigated and of course the results were “I had zero reason to complain”. When will physicians start accepting the fact that they do make errors? Once again the patient gets the SHAFT…..