Emory Healthcare – One of 2010’s “Most Wired” Hospital Organizations

One of things we pride ourselves on here at Emory Healthcare is our ability to rapidly adopt emerging technologies and integrate these technologies into our existing organizational strategy. We actively use and pursue new social media techniques, use innovative technology within our organization and implement functionality that serves to improve the overall patient care experience with Emory Healthcare. Because we place such an emphasis on innovation, being recognized in Hospitals & Heath Networks magazine as one of 2010’s “Most Wired” hospital organizations is a huge honor.

2010 Most Wired Hospital Organizations

Hospitals across the country are often the organizations that struggle most with adopting new technology. With the reach of many of these organizations being vast, it is often difficult to enact and implement technological change. Making technical innovation a priority is something at which Emory Healthcare has excelled.

As Emory Healthcare’s Chief Information Officer, Dee Cantrell notes, “Our continued investment, both financially and strategically, in information technology has positioned Emory as a national leader, and has allowed us to provide the very best patient experience, including ongoing improvements in care, safety and world class facilities.”

Many of Emory’s peer organizations mentioned in the survey results are showing signs of technical progress as well. Over half of the hospitals honored match bedside medication orders through bar coding or radio-frequency identification, 51% of medication orders are done electronically, and 94% deliver medication lists electronically to patients and caregivers when a patient is transferred within the facility.

We are so pleased that Emory Healthcare has been honored for taking steps to innovate and for using technology that improves the patient experience, security and privacy, and convenience. We will continue to do so in an effort to ensure that patient care with Emory Healthcare is the very best it can be.

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