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Hello and welcome to Emory Healthcare’s blog, Advancing Your Health! We’ve been hard at work creating a true web community for our Emory Healthcare family. With the release of our new organizational blogs, we have created a realm for the team here at Emory Healthcare to interact with the people most important to us—our patients and the citizens of Atlanta. You may be wondering what you can expect to learn from reading our blog, and how the information here differs from other information you may find on our website.

Emory Healthcare is currently involved in something we call ‘Care Transformation’. This is an initiative that spans all aspects of our organization and puts our patients and their families at the center of our efforts. We realize the importance of care being a collaborative process, whereby doctors are working with patients rather than on them. Because we pride ourselves on being an innovative health care provider and believe collaboration is an important piece of the health care puzzle, we are embracing social technologies to develop two-way communication channels with our community. We are committed to giving our patients and the community a voice and an easy opportunity to interact with our doctors and staff to get questions answered.

With that said, some of the things you will find in our Advancing Your Health blog include the opportunity to watch physician/patient videos and ask questions of the physicians themselves right online. You will also find stories of patient experiences here at Emory Healthcare, such as our recent blog series by Daren Wang, a patient who experienced LASIK Surgery and described the journey on our Emory Vision blog. Our blog and availability on other social networks are just two of the ways we are working to truly transform the status quo of patient care.

If you have suggestions for topics you’d like us to cover or information you’re interested in getting from our blog, feel free to let us know by commenting on the blog posts. We truly look forward to extending our patient interactions beyond the walls of our hospitals and clinics and into the virtual world.

Morgan Griffith, Emory Healthcare Communications Specialist

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