Quit Smoking to Save Your Life

You may have noticed we’ve been featuring a variety of short interviews with our doctors from the Emory Heart & Vascular Center and Fox 5 News. These interviews have touched on topics ranging from a possible connection between heart surgery and depression to knowing the key numbers that most impact your heart.

In our next of such posts, Dr. Angel Leon, Chief of Cardiology at Emory University Hospital Midtown, talks about the importance of quitting smoking to save your heart from severe damage. In this Fox 5 Atlanta news report, Dr. Leon urged people to quit, even if you have tried to quit before and were unsuccessful – the less you smoke the better off you are. He provides several resources you can use to help you quit. View the entire news piece and if you are a smoker. Quit today! It could save your life!

Dr. Angel LeonAbout Angel Leon, MD:
Dr. Leon is a Professor of Medicine and the Chief of Cardiology at Emory University Midtown. His specialties include electrophysiology, cardiology, and internal medicine, and his areas of clinical interest include arrhythmia ablation, electrophysiology lab, and pacemaker. Dr. Leon holds organizational leadership memberships with the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association, and he’s been practicing with Emory since 1991.

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