Welcome to Emory Healthcare’s blog, Advancing Your Health. We’ve worked hard to create a true web community for our Emory Healthcare family. Offering our own blogosphere contributes to our overall goal to give our community a voice and a prime opportunity to interact with patients, doctors and staff.

Our blog space is just one component of a holistic approach to health care that we like to call Care Transformation. This is an initiative that encompasses all aspects of our organization, placing our patients and their families at the center of our efforts. We feel that patient care should be a collaborative process in which Emory doctors work with patients rather than on them. Because we pride ourselves on being an innovative health care provider and believe that collaboration is an integral piece of the health care puzzle, we’re embracing social technologies such as blogging to develop two-way communication channels within our community.

We strongly encourage you to submit questions, suggest topics you’d like for us to cover and share your opinions with us in the comments section on our blog posts. We look forward to extending our patient interactions beyond the walls of our hospitals and clinics and into the virtual world.

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