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Top 5 Health Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle
Aug 21, 2019 By Emory Healthcare

women walking in park to do yogaAs we all know, regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. But because of various injuries and/or health conditions, instead of running on a treadmill or jumping rope, many people (especially those with back pain) must choose to participate in low-impact activities. If you’re someone who is impacted by musculoskeletal issues, ranging from tender joints to osteoarthritis, check out the five activity options below for healthy ways to stay active without all the wear and tear.

1. Swimming

Swimming is a great way for everyone to stay active, but it is especially well suited for those seeking a low-impact way to get or stay healthy. Stiff and sore joints, especially for those with lower back pain, can benefit from the buoyancy of water and the fact that your body bears less of its own weight when underwater. The increased resistance afforded by water (vs. air) means exercise can be even more effective in building not only strength but also your range of motion.

2. Yoga

Because the foundation of yoga is stretching, it is an ideal exercise option for those requiring low-impact options for staying fit. The slow and gradual movements associated with yoga allow [...]

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5 Outdoor Safety Tips to Avoid an Emergency
Aug 19, 2019 By Emory Healthcare

woman hiking outdoors Whether you are hiking, swimming or just enjoying activities in your own backyard, spending time outdoors with family and friends is the way we all like to enjoy time outdoors. However, we know things can change in the blink of an eye. Yes, emergencies happen quickly. Knowing where to go and what to do if the situation presents itself is important, especially when you are enjoying outdoor fun! While many injuries turn out to be relatively minor and will heal on their own, it is essential to understand when it’s time to go to the emergency room. It could save a life. Here’s a list of five common outdoor injuries and symptoms to look for.


As temperatures rise, it’s important to remain cool, well-rested and hydrated. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures and dehydration are a lethal mix, causing your body to overheat. This can lead to heat cramps, heat exhaustion and the most serious of all – heatstroke. Heatstroke is a very serious problem that causes internal organ failure. If left untreated, it can result in death. Seek help immediately if you experience extremely high body temperature (104 F or higher), fainting, nausea and/or vomiting, an [...]

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Cosmetic Medicine
Avoid Facelift Scarring with the Right Surgeon, Experienced Approach
Aug 16, 2019 By Vincent Zubowicz, MD

woman looking at skin in mirrorA facelift can restore a youthful appearance and make you feel younger than your age by adding volume to your cheeks, erasing lines from around your mouth and eyes, and smoothing the skin around your neck. Done properly, your scars won’t even be noticeable. So why do so many facelift patients have red and swollen scars on their face in plain sight? The answer is an unfortunate truth: Because poorly planned and executed facelifts are far too common. If you’re considering a facelift, learn more about proper facelift technique — and the importance of finding a skilled cosmetic surgeon — so you can experience the best possible results.  

Proper Facelift Technique Erases Aging and Scars

Facelifts should not, and generally do not, leave noticeable scars. However, if a patient’s skin is pulled too tight, it can distort the earlobe, and cause scars to spread and turn red.

Photo 1:                                              Photo 2:

facelift scarring         facelift scarring Comparing these two photos, you’ll notice the outcomes are vastly different. The scars in Photo 1 are quite noticeable, with an obvious line and stretched earlobe. But thanks to an [...]

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Health Benefits of Yoga
Aug 14, 2019 By Emory Healthcare

yoga class Developed in India thousands of years ago, yoga has become an incredibly popular form of exercise in the United States. There are more than one hundred different types of yoga, and most focus on three core elements: breathing exercises, meditation, and assuming poses (or postures) that stretch and flex various muscle groups. You’ve probably heard yoga is good for you. Maybe you’ve even tried it and found that you walked away feeling better than when you came in. Yoga not only feels great but it’s also great for you, providing instant gratification and lasting transformation (if you stick with it!). But while you probably know that yoga can help you become more flexible, you may be surprised by the wide range of health benefits—both physical and mental—that yoga can help you achieve.

Physical Benefits

  • Builds Muscle Strength - Many yoga poses require you to support the weight of your own body in new ways, including balancing on one leg or supporting yourself with your arms. Poses such as downward dog, upward dog, and the plank pose, build upper-body strength. The standing poses, especially if you hold them for several long breaths, build strength in your

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Choosing a Kidney Transplant Program That’s Right for You
Aug 13, 2019 By Emory Transplant Center

Best in magnifying glassEmory Kidney Transplant Program Ranked Sixth in the Nation

When you’re choosing a kidney transplant program, it’s important to look at a number of different factors – from national rankings and compatibility to comfort level with the care team that will help you feel like yourself again. The Emory Kidney Transplant Program is proud to have been ranked sixth by the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN), based on adult kidney transplant volume in 2018. But, to us, these rankings are about more than numbers or recognition -- it’s about demonstrating our commitment to providing the most innovative and highest quality care to patients right here in Georgia. Every day, we are committed to working closely with patients, families, donors, and providers across all medical disciplines to ensure you receive the best care possible.

Experience to Guide You to the Care You Need

Emory performed Georgia’s first kidney transplant in 1996 and continues to deliver comprehensive care. In 2018, our kidney transplant program performed 281 adult kidney transplants and 13 simultaneous kidney and pancreas transplants. This number of surgeries placed the Emory [...]

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Brain Health Center
Bridging Access to PTSD Care in Primary Care
Aug 5, 2019 By Emory Healthcare

soldier hugs fatherEmory Healthcare Veterans Program (EHVP) is known for its innovative research when it comes to treating posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Now the team behind the research is working to make treatment more accessible nationwide. In her role as Director of Mental Health Research and Program Evaluation at the Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Dr. Sheila Rauch, EHVP’s Clinical Director, works to make PTSD care more accessible within the VA by utilizing a version of prolonged exposure for embedded mental health workers in primary care. After demonstrating the effectiveness of the protocol to reduce PTSD symptoms in primary care, Dr. Rauch designed a program to train primary care mental health providers so they are better prepared to help patients struggling with PTSD. “PTSD is a disorder of avoidance; any hurdle to receiving care could be a reason someone seeking help will go back to avoiding, so we are working to reduce barriers to care. There is no wrong door, we want to assist everyone who comes in looking to treat their PTSD and we want to do it as soon and as quickly as possible,” said Dr. Rauch. “There is still a large population of those with [...]

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Preventive Medicine
Kids Health: Common Back-To-School Illnesses and Injuries
Aug 2, 2019 By Emory Healthcare

children back to schoolGoing back to school can tax your kid's health. Catching up with old friends and making new ones can be an exciting time, but one that puts them back in close contact with one another — with a result no one looks forward to: illnesses and injuries. In the first few months of a new school year, there are lots of germs going around. They’re on desks, keyboards, in the classroom and on the playground where accidents also happen. Over time, your child will become immune to many infectious diseases. In the meantime, teach her or him to wash their hands well—and often. If your child does come down with a bug, keep him or her home from school until they're fever-free for 24 hours without medicine.

Common Kids Health Back-To-School Illnesses and Injuries Include:

  • “Backpack-itis”: Overstuffed backpacks can cause head, neck and shoulder pain, as well as lead to bad posture. Use your bathroom scale to figure out what your kid weighs with and without her or his backpack. Make sure the "locked and loaded" backpack doesn’t weigh more than 10 percent of his or her weight. Also, make sure your child wears both straps. A lightweight pack with wide straps and a padded

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Cosmetic Medicine
Optimizing Your Recovery After Cosmetic Surgery
Jul 22, 2019 By Felmont Eaves, III, MD, FACS

surgery roomPeople love what cosmetic surgery can do to enhance their appearance and self-esteem, but nobody looks forward to the recovery period. Maybe you’re worried about pain or not being able to complete your normal activities. You might be concerned about missing work, caring for your children, or even the possibility of gaining weight when you’re not able to exercise. Fortunately, recent advancements in surgical and postsurgical care help to enhance the recovery period — with benefits like less pain, improved mobility and a quicker return to your normal activities.

Advancements in Surgical Techniques

The field of cosmetic surgery is constantly evolving. Several new techniques have been developed that make for a much smoother recovery. The tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure is a great example. With traditional methods, a tummy tuck requires the use of one or two drains. Drains are plastic tubes that are left under the skin at the surgical site and poke out through the incision or through a small, separate hole in the skin. The drains require special care — you have to empty them, measure the output, and be careful with them during showers and other activities. They [...]

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Orthopedics, Spine & Sports Medicine
Young Hockey Player Successfully Rebounds After Surgery
Jul 17, 2019 By Kyle Hammond, MD

youth sports hockey playerRyan can't remember life before hockey. He was two years old when he donned his first pair of skates, and only three years old when he began flying around ice rinks working on his slapshot. Ryan loves the game and can't get enough of it. Friends and family aren't surprised, though. Dad was a former goaltender in the National Hockey League and a long-standing professional hockey coach. Hockey is in Ryan's blood. Ryan's passion for the sport has grown over the years, and so has his time on the ice. He got his start playing on local teams, practicing a few hours each week. He progressed to a more serious traveling squad at the age of 10. By 14, Ryan was competing for Thunder Hockey Club, a tier I AAA-level organization that spent every other weekend of the long season (August through April) on the road. During one of those weekend games in Nashville, Ryan slid across the ice and landed hard on his shoulder. He felt quite a bit of pain and couldn't move his arm normally. He shrugged it off thinking it wasn't anything a little ibuprofen and a good night's sleep couldn't fix. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. Ryan continued to have a great deal of pain and swelling the [...]

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Emory Transplant Center Keeps Quality and Patient Care at the Forefront
Jul 16, 2019 By Emory Transplant Center

Lean methodologyThe Emory Transplant Center's focus on quality goes well beyond the ordinary. And, while it was the first transplant center to earn the prestigious National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)’s Patient-Centered Specialty Practice (PCSP) Level 3 Recognition – their highest level of distinction, Emory Transplant Center is committed to building upon its strengths, assertively working to enhance patient-centered care. Thanks to a generous grant from the Cox Foundation’s Jim Kennedy, the Emory Transplant Center is well underway in building the best possible patient experience. The award is intended to streamline appointments and reduce wait times while providing the highest quality health care. Toward these goals, the Emory Transplant Center is integrating the Lean Methodology quality principles into all aspects of its operation. The Lean Methodology is a quality improvement philosophy first developed by Toyota. It transforms the way organizations work and is increasingly being used in health care settings to build staff commitment and cut waste that can undermine care. Lean processes include reviews of all activities which distinguish value-creating actions [...]

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