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Celebrating Earth Day!
Apr 22, 2014 By Emory Healthcare

Earth Day 2014Since 1970, Americans have recognized April 22 as Earth Day. In honor of this celebration of our amazing planet, we thought we’d fill you in on how we’re keeping the environment top of mind as we expand and renovate Emory University Hospital.

  • In keeping with Emory’s “No Net Loss of Forest Canopy” Policy, we planted 133 trees on campus to replace the trees lost in preparing the footprint of the new building. Emory Healthcare committed to replant the removed trees in new locations across the Clifton Campus. Any trees that could not be replanted will be recycled, and the reclaimed wood will be incorporated into new construction.
  • Emory Healthcare partnered with the Lifecycle Building Center to recover building materials such as hand railings, bathroom plumbing fixtures, signage, kitchen cabinets, doors and windows from previously existing buildings on the site for reuse in other local projects.
  • Implementing a Clean Construction Policy, Emory Healthcare has asked its building contractors to adhere to the strictest construction equipment pollution controls possible in order to reduce the emissions of smog-forming pollutants that are hazardous to human health and

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Check out the May Cardiovascular Screening Schedule in Time for Summer!
Apr 21, 2014 By Emory Healthcare

Emory Healthcare Mobile ScreeningsEmory Healthcare, along with mobile health screening partner HealthFair, is excited to announce the May cardiovascular screening schedule in the metro Atlanta area. The cardiovascular screening plans offered by HealthFair meet the screening guidelines established by the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association. Each patient, along with the medical staff, can tailor their screening packages to their specific needs. Details about the screenings can be found at This collaboration will provide metro Atlanta communities with greater access to important screening services and to Emory Healthcare physicians and providers.

May 2014 Cardiovascular Screening Schedule

  • May 1, Kroger, Acworth Highway, Dallas
  • May 2, CVS, Roswell Road, Atlanta
  • May 3, Walgreens, Kimball Bridge Road, Alpharetta
  • May 5, Kroger, Georgia 92, Woodstock
  • May 6, Rite Aid, Kennesaw Due West, Kennesaw
  • May 7, Publix, New MacLand Road, Powder Springs
  • May 8, Wade Walker Park Family YMCA, Rockbridge Road, Stone Mountain
  • May 9, Kroger, Grayson Hwy, Grayson
  • May 9, Walgreens, Atlanta Highway, Loganville
  • May 10, Just Fitness 4U Marietta, Roswell

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Cosmetic Medicine
Gummy Bear Breast Implants: How are they different?
Apr 18, 2014 By Erica D. Anderson, MD

Gummy Bear Breast ImplantsPatients are calling the Emory Aesthetic Center asking, “Do you offer the ‘gummy bear’ breast implants?” The simple answer is yes, but let’s review what makes this breast implant different and how you know if it is a good choice for you. “Gummy bear implants” is simply another name for silicone gel breast implants. Although there was a period of controversy concerning silicone gel implants in the early 1990's, the gel implants currently available today have been extensively studied and shown to be safe. Silicone breast implants, in fact, are now the most studied medical device in all of medical history. The FDA approved silicone gel implants have a cohesive gel technology. "Cohesive" means that the gel sticks to itself, so even if the implant were to break, the gel typically stays put, in many ways, resembling the consistency of a gummy bear. These gel implants come in two basic covering patterns and two basic shape styles. The covering pattern for these breast implants comes in both a smooth and a textured cover. While smooth surfaced implants work very well, the textured surface was designed to reduce the chance of capsular scar contracture that may [...]

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Takeaways from Dr. Turgeon's “Kidney Swaps and Emory's Paired Donor Exchange Program” Live Chat
Apr 17, 2014 By Emory Transplant Center

Thank you to everyone who joined us during Donate Life Month for the live web chat hosted by Emory Transplant Center transplant surgeon, Dr. Nicole Turgeon. Dr. Turgeon discussed the different kinds of living organ donation, the process for living donation and even shared an inspiring video of one of her patients who had benefitted from Emory’s Paired Donor Exchange Program. Chat participants also had questions about islet cell transplantation for type 1 diabetes, which Dr. Turgeon answered with some great information on the 10th anniversary of two of our patient’s islet cell transplants and being diabetes free! Perhaps the most important message from Dr. Turgeon was one of the importance of organ donation and how it can make such a huge difference in people’s lives. For more information on how to become an organ donor, visit Check out more of Dr. Turgeon’s answers by reading the chat transcript! Below are just a few of the questions and answers from the Emory Transplant Center’s live chat: Question: How many kidney transplants do you perform at Emory every year? [...]

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Orthopedics, Spine & Sports Medicine
What is Better for My Health? Weights or Cardiovascular Exercise?
Apr 17, 2014 By Dr. Amadeus Mason

Cardio vs. WeightsFor the promotion of overall health and reduction of risk around developing diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease, the most effective fitness plan incorporates both cardiovascular training and strength training. There are different benefits to the different types of exercise, so it is ideal to plan your weekly workout routine split (2-3 days of each) between strength and cardio training. Benefits of cardiovascular training

  • Breathing harder and deeper increases amount of oxygen in the blood
  • Heart, lungs, blood vessels work more efficiently with cardio exercises to transport oxygen through the body
  • Burns calories - one hour of running burns approximately 600 calories in a average female and 750 calories in the average male
Benefits of strength training
  • Increase muscle mass – you will be able to do activities longer after building muscle mass
  • Maintain joint flexibility
  • Increase bone density
  • Manage your weight - Note that muscle burns more calories than fat so if you have more muscle your metabolism is likely to be higher and you are likely to be slimmer.
Lack of sufficient exercise contributes to the possibility of developing conditions [...]

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Bringing the Invisible Into Georgia Classrooms
Apr 16, 2014 By Adam Marcus, PhD, Director of Emory School of Medicine-Winship Cancer Institute Integrated Cellular Imaging Core

Microscope view of cellsOn many university campuses there is a dark room that has no windows and the walls are painted black. People wearing white lab coats enter and rest their eyes on top of what I think to be one the most magnificent instruments in a science laboratory, the microscope. These microscopes, which are no bigger than a desk but can cost more than a house, rest gently on a cushion of air and serve the purpose of making the invisible world, visible. I was hooked the first time I peered into one of these microscopes. All of a sudden this entirely new and previously invisible world moved into focus right in front of me. Tiny creatures that I had apparently been living with, were visible for the first time. I eventually turned my obsession with the microscopic world into a career. I am a scientist at a major medical school and my laboratory’s research is to study how cancer cells work, with the goal of creating new cancer treatments. My team and I have killed cancer cells with new medicines, burst them open, blasted them with radiation, and blocked them from spreading. We do this with the hope that our research will lead to new cancer treatments, make older treatments better, or help [...]

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Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital is Third in the World to Receive Fifth Magnet® Designation!
Apr 15, 2014 By Emory Healthcare

Emory Saint Joseph's Magnet Designated HospitalCongratulations to our team at Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital, who just received its fifth Magnet® designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center! Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital is one of only three hospitals – and the only community hospital — in the world to receive five consecutive designations. Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital became the third hospital in the world to receive Magnet designation when it received its first designation in 1995. And, every four years since, the hospital has successfully achieved re-designation. While every designation is special in its own way, we like to think that our nurses live Magnet every day with every encounter. So, what does Magnet mean to you, our patients? Magnet designation means that:

  • We’re all in this together. Our nurses work in a collaborative environment and benefit from each other’s knowledge and breadth of experience.
  • Our nurses are the cream of the crop! Magnet facilities regularly attract and retain top nursing talent.
  • You can feel confident that you’re in good hands. The Magnet Recognition Program establishes standards of excellence which health care organizations like ours must attain

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Heart & Vascular
Reversing Heart Disease – Is it Possible?
Apr 15, 2014 By Farheen Shirazi, MD

Did you know that in women, heart disease takes more lives than every type of cancer combined? The good news is that in the last 20 years deaths due to heart disease have declined thanks to advances in medicine as well as education of the population. In the past, heart disease was thought to be just a “man’s disease,” but surprisingly more women currently die from cardiovascular disease than men. Therefore, it is important to take action to prevent and potentially reverse heart disease. If you think you may be at risk, schedule your heart disease screening today. There are various things you can do to reverse heart disease and if action is taken quickly, heart disease symptoms can be reduced in a very short period of time.

  • Evaluate your diet to determine if the foods you are eating are causing plaque build up. If you stop consuming foods that are contributing the plaque build up, your arteries will have a better chance to recover. A plant based diet incorporating fruits, vegetables and whole grains can likely help to reverse heart disease.
    • If this diet is too restrictive, or you are just looking to prevent heart disease, the USDA ‘s new “MyPlate”

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Cosmetic Medicine
What is the Best Method of Liposuction?
Apr 11, 2014 By Felmont Eaves, III, MD, FACS

Liposuction AtlantaStandard Lipo, Laser Assisted Lipo, Ultrasonic Lipo, Power Assisted Lipo, Tumenscent Lipo, Smart Lipo, Safe Lipo, Tickle Lipo...there are many different types of liposuction procedures currently offered in the market place, so logically patients are always asking "which is best for me?". Although some practitioners may have strong feelings one way or another, the short answer to the question is that all of these techniques work, and the results are similar for all. Liposuction became popular in the 1980s. The initial method of liposuction used hollow tubes (cannulas) to suction out fatty tissues from under the skin using very small incisions. Although initial techniques worked well, the results got even better when surgeons began using smaller, finer cannulas. A major advance occurred when the technique began to incorporate the injection of a dilute solution prior to suctioning. This technique was very helpful in reducing blood loss and bruising, and is commonly used in most types of liposuction today. During the 1990s, new technologies began to emerge to make the procedure even easier by using the application of energy to break up fatty tissues. Ultrasonic assisted [...]

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The Gift of Organ Donation – April is Donate Life Month
Apr 10, 2014 By Emory Transplant Center

donate-lifeFor many, April signifies the start of spring with the first signs of sunnier days, bluer skies and growing flowers. But for transplant patients, their families and donors, April symbolizes another kind of rebirth – the journey of organ transplantation and the generous gifts of organ donors. Started in 2003 and celebrated every April, National Donate Life Month aims to highlight the growing need for organ and tissue donations and provide a positive reminder for people to sign up to become donors. As we celebrate Donate Life Month, we’d like to take a look back at some of our amazing stories of donation and transplantation. None of these stories would have been possible without organ donation:

If you’re interested in registering to become a donor, it’s [...]

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