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Allergies: Know Where to Go to Get Relief This Season
Mar 24, 2017 By Nick E. Colovos, MD, MBA, FACEP, FAAEM

For allergy and asthma sufferers in Atlanta, there are effectively three seasons: summer, winter and pollen. With a warmer than average winter, high pollen counts have already been reported across the U.S. In Atlanta, this warmer than usual weather triggered an early release of tree pollen. As a result, pollen counts started rising in mid-February. This means allergy season is already here — which may seem unfair, considering we are still at the tail end of flu season. Click here to learn more about pollen counts and what the numbers mean. Respiratory allergies, such as asthma and allergic rhinitis (also called hay fever), flare up because of a heightened immune system response to pollen particles. Allergic rhinitis produces the typical sneezing and runny nose associated with pollen season, as well as itchy watery eyes. You can also experience itching in your ears, nose and throat. For some people, this is mildly irritating but can be handled by staying indoors when pollen counts are high. Symptoms are also treatable with over-the-counter or prescription medications. A primary care physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant can help. Older adults, [...]

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Good Morning America Pays Tribute to a Transplant Recipient's Wife
Mar 23, 2017 By admin

It all started with a Facebook post…Raleigh Callaway, a veteran Georgia police officer and patient of the Emory Transplant Center, needed a kidney transplant. Desperate to find a match as he entered the late stages of renal failure, he and his wife, Kristi Callaway, turned to social media to find a potential donor. Kristi posted a message on Facebook sharing Raleigh’s need for a kidney. The post resulted in more than 900 people contacting the Emory Transplant Center – one of whom was Chris Carroll, a health care consultant and grandfather from McKinney, Texas. He saw the Callaway family pictured on Facebook with their two children holding a sign that read, “Our Daddy Needs a Kidney.” Chris said he felt divinely led to call to see if he could become a donor. On Thursday, September 25, 2014, Raleigh received Chris’ kidney. Both recipient and donor are doing well. But even after her husband found a kidney, Kristi Callaway continued her mission of supporting organ donations and helping to connect individuals in need of a kidney with donors from across the country. So far she has save 23 lives by connecting kidney donors to those in need. Good Morning America [...]

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Orthopedics, Spine & Sports Medicine
Student Athletes Must Undergo a Pre–Participation Sports Physical
Mar 22, 2017 By admin

Student Athletes helped by Emory Orthopedic Doctors After months of being dormant during the winter, student athletes are anxious to get back in the game. While increased exercise and participation in sports outweigh the risk of injury or illness, it is crucial that every child undergo a pre–participation sports physical before beginning practice. In the U.S., a pre–participation exam (PPE) is required for student athletes who want to take part in sports and/or sports camps.

Pre-Participation Exam Benefits

  • Identifies potential life-threatening conditions, such as risk of sudden cardiac death
  • Evaluates existing conditions that may need further treatment or monitoring
  • Diagnosis orthopedic conditions that may need physical therapy or other treatments
  • Identifies student athletes at high risk for violence, substance abuse, depression, eating disorders, anemia, asthma, hypertension, and more
  • Reviews history of head injuries or concussion to establish neuropsychological status

Pre-participation Exam Timing

  PPEs usually occur six weeks before the start of a sport or camp. Most student athletes are cleared for full participation following a sports physical exam. However, more time may be needed [...]

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Cosmetic Medicine
Bathing Suit Ready for Summer – Join Our Body Contouring Live Chat
Mar 21, 2017 By Emory Aesthetic Center

With warmer temperature, it’s time to start replacing those scarves, gloves and sweaters with tank tops, shorts and, yes, swimsuits. Although donning a swimsuit can be a source of stress for some women, it doesn’t have to be. To help get your body ready for the swimsuit season, join Emory Aesthetic Center plastic surgeon, Dr. Gabriele Miotto, on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. EST as she discusses body contouring solutions to help improve the shape of your body and tighten excess or loose skin. Dr. Miotto will walk you through both non-surgical and surgical options – including CoolSculpting, liposuction and tummy tucks. If you are feeling that you aren’t as ready as you want to be for the upcoming swimsuit season, you won’t want to miss this chat. Register today! Live chat signup  

About Dr. Miotto

Dr. MiottoDr. Miotto is constantly exploring cutting edge technologies to provide the best available options to her patients. She has published and presented on aesthetic plastic surgery in many national and international meetings. Her main interests include facial rejuvenation, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, aesthetic breast surgery and fat grafting. After completing [...]

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Medicare Educational Seminars at Emory
Mar 20, 2017 By Emory Healthcare

Whether you’re turning 65, already on Medicare, or helping someone with their coverage, plan to attend a free seminar to get your Medicare questions answered. Offered at several Emory locations, Medicare Educational Seminars are designed for patients new to Medicare and those brushing up on their benefits. Learn about Medicare Parts A, B, C and D, and the different types of Medicare insurance. Find out if you may qualify for federal and state subsidy programs. [...]

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Heart & Vascular
Why do I have varicose veins and what can I do about it?
Mar 18, 2017 By Mark Rheudasil, MD

Along with the other good qualities you inherited, you may have also inherited the risk for developing varicose veins. The good news is that there are lifestyle changes you can make to improve the symptoms of your veins and reduce the likelihood of them worsening.  There are also minimally-invasive treatments that can be performed in the office to provide relief. Join us Tuesday, April 4, at 12:00 p.m. for a live, interactive web chat about “Why do I have varicose veins and what can I do about it? Dr. Rheudasil will be available to answer questions and discuss varicose vein pain prevention and treatment options.  During this interactive web chat, you’ll be able to ask questions and get real-time answers from our Emory Healthcare professional. Register now for the April 4th chat

About Dr. Rheudasil Mark Rheudasil, MD, graduated magna cum laude from Abilene Christian University in Texas and he earned his medical degree from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas in 1983. He completed a general surgery internship and residency program at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and also completed a fellowship in [...]

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Kick Butts Day's Effort to End Smoking
Mar 15, 2017 By Winship Cancer Institute

Did you know that over 3,000 kids under 18 try smoking for the first time every day? According to Kick Butts Day, 700 of these 3,000 kids will become regular smokers. Kick Butts Day takes place every March 15th to encourage American youth to speak out against this tobacco use in hopes of eliminating and preventing nicotine addiction in teens. It is extremely important for teens to learn about the side effects and consequences of using tobacco primarily because it is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States.

Facts about Smoking Cigarettes from the CDC

  • Causes 480,000 deaths each year in the U.S.
  • Increases the risk for coronary heart disease and stroke, which leads to death
  • Causes about 90% of all lung cancer deaths in men and women
  • Makes it harder for women to become pregnant and can affect the baby’s health
  • Reduces the fertility of men’s sperm
  • Causes tooth loss
  • Decreases the immune system

Steps to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

The CDC recommends taking three steps to quit smoking. The first is to build a quit plan. In this preparation stage, you will determine your quit date, identify your reasons to quit, and develop coping [...]

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Orthopedics, Spine & Sports Medicine
Back Pain Diaries: Herniated Disc – Signs, Symptoms and Treatment 
Mar 10, 2017 By Emory Orthopaedics & Spine Center

Dr. Lisa Foster discusses herniated discs

Dr. Lisa Foster, Emory Clinic

A herniated disc is a common lower back injury, but did you know lower back pain is the number one cause of disability around the world, according to the 2010 Global Burden of Disease study. For this blog, we spoke with our own Emory Clinic physician, Dr. Foster, to better understand those rubber like discs that sit between our spinal bones. Your spine is made up of 26 vertebrae bones. Between them are soft disks filled with gel-like substance. These discs cushion the vertebrae bones and keep them in place. As we get older, the discs tend to degrade. When this happens, the discs lose their ability to cushion the vertebrae bones and this can lead to pain if the back is stressed.

What is a Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc, also commonly referred to as a ruptured disc or slipped disc, occurs when a cartilage disc in the spine becomes damaged and moves out of place. Sometimes, it can result in a pinched nerve. You can have a herniated or ruptured disc in any area of your spine but most often it affects the lumbar spine (lower back area).

How Does a Herniated Disc Occur?

When a disk is damaged, the soft rubbery center of the disk squeezes [...]

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Cosmetic Medicine
Improve the Appearance of Your Neck With or Without Surgery
Mar 9, 2017 By Dr. Anita Sethna

Weakened muscles and sagging skin under your chin, otherwise known as “turkey neck,” is one of the most common complaints I hear from patients. The neck is an area that often changes significantly with age — starting as early as your 40s. Despite weight loss and good skincare routines, many men and women are unhappy with the appearance of their neck and are determined to find a way to improve it.

Treating aesthetic neck issues

Aging in the neck takes on multiple forms, and each may require different treatments. Every person is anatomically and texturally unique, so what works for your friend may not work for you. It’s important to have an in-depth discussion with a reputable cosmetic surgeon to determine what solution is right for you. Prevention is key Prevention is the best cure. Good skincare in your 20s and 30s can certainly impact the appearance of your neck in later years. Consistently using sunscreen, avoiding tanning and regularly using Retin-A (tretinoin) on your face and neck can increase collagen production, tighten skin and remove sun damage. Excess fat There are several options available to treat excess fat under your chin, including: [...]

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Cancer Support Groups at Emory Johns Creek
Mar 6, 2017 By Emory Johns Creek Hospital

Cancer support groups provide patients and families a chance to meet with others who are experiencing similar life challenges and often share their concerns, fears and hopes. These groups are led by licensed social workers, registered nurses and other professionals. Emory Johns Creek Hospital offers three cancer support groups to the community:

Johns Creek Women’s Cancer Support Group

Johns Creek Women’s Cancer Support Group meets the first Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. in Emory Johns Creek Hospital’s education center, on the lower level. These classes allow participants to meet face-to-face with fellow cancer patients and survivors. The sessions offer helpful coping skills and strategies to help patients through their experience. Attendees will also hear presentations by health, nutrition, fitness and legal experts. For more information, contact

Colorectal Cancer Support Group

The Colorectal Cancer Support Group meets the 4th Tuesday of each month from 3 – 4:30 p.m. in the dining room at Emory Johns Creek Hospital, on the lower level. This group is designed to provide emotional support for patients going through treatment for [...]

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