A Mother’s Gift: Mom Saves Son with Liver Transplant

Elizabeth Melville’s 5-month old son, Wesley, was diagnosed with a rare disease call biliary atresia. After a surgery to treat the disease failed, Wesley would need a liver transplant. That’s when Emory Transplant Center surgeons were able to take a portion of Elizabeth’s liver out and then transfer it over to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston to be transplanted in Wesley. Watch this heartfelt story unfold from WXIA 11 Alive.

Emory Transplant Center has a well-established liver transplant program, performing more than 150 liver transplants each year.

Emory Liver Transplant Program

The first liver transplant in Georgia was performed in 1987 by transplant surgeons at Emory University Hospital. Today, Emory Transplant Center is known for its Liver Transplant Program nationwide. It performs more than 150 adult liver transplants each year. Our program has a long tradition of treating end-stage liver disease and portal hypertension, providing the full continuum of lifesaving care involved in liver transplantation.

Emory’s team of liver transplant doctors is highly skilled in the care of liver transplant surgery patients. With patient survival rates that exceed what is expected (SRTR.org), our number one goal is to provide our patients with the unsurpassed, comprehensive care they deserve.

To learn more about liver transplant and Emory Transplant Center, visit emoryhealthcare.org/livertransplant.