When is the Best Time to Get a Tummy Tuck?

eac-250x250A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that removes the unwanted excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen improving the abdominal contour. It can be limited and only involve the front of the abdomen, or it can be extended to also address excess fat and/or skin in the back. Abdominoplasty typically involves reestablishing the native abdominal anatomy, i.e. restoring the muscles that have been affected by childbirth or weight gain. The procedure can be done with or without liposuction depending on your overall appearance and goals.

So now the question…when is it the best time to have a tummy tuck procedure?

When I meet with patients who want to improve their abdominal contour, it is generally due to life changes that have affected their midriff. These changes can be due to the birth of a child/children, the loss of significant weight, or just the process of aging in general. Depending on the specific change, my recommendation is to wait until that change has plateaued. Meaning, if the abdominal excess is related to childbirth, I recommend that your family is complete prior to having a tummy tuck done. If it is related to weight loss, I recommend that your weight be a number you can maintain long term.

Additional questions typically follow. “Can I get pregnant after a tummy tuck? I don’t know if our family is complete.” That’s OK if you are uncertain. You can successfully carry a baby after a tummy tuck. The pregnancy may affect the result and a revision could be necessary in the long run.

“What if I gain the weight back?” If you gain some weight back, the abdomen will appear fuller again but likely the skin excess will not be present so I would encourage you to again lose the weight before any revisions are considered.

Recovery is another component to consider if you are ready to schedule your tummy tuck. I recommend at least 1 week off of work to get through the most painful part. The first few days can be hard and having to go back to work will add unnecessary stress. Try to schedule the surgery during a less busy time in your job, and when you have accrued enough leave time.

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About Dr. Anderson

anderson-ericaErica Anderson, MD, is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and currently holds an appointment as Assistant Professor in the Division of Plastic Surgery at Emory University. Dr. Anderson completed her general surgery residency and plastic surgery residency at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and associated hospitals in Denver, CO. She completed a year of advanced training in Aesthetic Surgery at Grotting Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, Alabama.

Dr. Anderson returns to Emory University after being in private practice in Arlington, Virginia. While there, she maintained a busy aesthetic and reconstructive practice and also served as Medical Director for the Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Center at Virginia Hospital Center.

Dr. Anderson’s academic and research interests are largely focused on clinical outcomes with regards to cosmetic surgery. Her areas of clinical interest are diverse including cosmetic surgery of the breast and body as well chest wall reconstruction and wound care.

Dr. Anderson is married with 3 children, Trent, Connor and Fiona, and 2 vizslas, Max and Mimi.

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