Takeaways from Dr. Eaves’ Body Contouring – Getting Ready for Summer Live Chat

Body ContouringThank you to everyone who joined us for the Body Contouring – Getting Ready for Summer live chat hosted by Emory Aesthetic Center surgeon, Dr. Felmont Eaves. Dr. Eaves discussed body contouring options to help shape the body for summer and tighten excess or loose skin. He described both surgical and non-surgical procedures – including liposuction, tummy tucks, arm and thigh lifts.

We were thrilled with the number of people who registered and were able to participate in the chat. The response was so great that we had a few questions we were not able to answer so we will answer them below for your reference.

If you missed this informative chat, be sure to check out the full list of questions and answers located on our chat transcript. You may also visit the Emory Aesthetic Center website for more information on therapies and solutions to get your body ready for the summer.

Question: What are new procedures for arm lifts?

Felmont Eaves, MDDr. Eaves: Arm lifts continue to evolve as we are doing more of them all the time. Arm lifts can be categorized into short scar techniques, full length techniques, and minimally invasive techniques. The short scar technique leaves a scar that is limited to the axilla (arm pit) and can help looseness in the upper part of the arm closest to the shoulder. But this technique isn’t as effective if the looseness goes far down the arm. In this case a full-length arm lift is recommended, although this does leave a long scar on the inside of the arm. For some patients, if skin laxity of the arms isn’t severe, liposuction alone may give a very nice result with a tiny scar. While there are some companies advertising significant arm tightening with non-invasive procedures, I haven’t seen impressive results with these yet.

Question: I have a normal BMI. How drastic can I expect the results of CoolSculpting to be?

Felmont Eaves, MDDr. Eaves: CoolSculping can certainly make some nice changes, but the results tend to be more subtle than that achieved by liposuction (or excisional surgery). However in patients that have excellent skin elasticity and limited fat deposits, it can do a great job of addressing what you want. It really takes an examination by someone who is familiar with all types of body contouring techniques (non-invasive, liposuction, and excisional surgery) to help you figure out which is best for you.

Question: I have a scar on my stomach from a childhood surgery. Can you fix this?

Felmont Eaves, MDDr. Eaves: That’s a good question. If you are talking about making a scar looking better, then yes, a scar revision can help. Even further, if you have a scar in the lower part of your stomach (below your belly button), that scar might be totally removed with a tummy tuck (although you’ll get a new tummy tuck scar – but it will be better positioned and hidden within the panty or bathing suit area).

Question: Can you get a 6-pack look with a tummy tuck?

Felmont Eaves, MDDr. Eaves: It is possible, but not usually. Having a real “6-pack” requires two things – well developed abdominal muscles (specifically the two muscles in the middle, known as the rectus abdominus muscles) and a very low body fat percentage. When we perform a tummy tuck, we thin out the fatty layers of the abdomen, however it is important to keep the thickness of the tissues in harmony with surrounding areas of the body, otherwise it may look odd. A tummy tuck won’t build up the abdominal muscles.




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