Takeaways from Dr. Anderson’s “Body Lifts – Everything from the Breasts, Buttock, Thighs and More” Live Chat

body-lifts260x200 (2)Thank you to everyone who joined us for the live web chat hosted by Emory Aesthetic Center plastic surgeon, Dr. Erica Anderson. Dr. Anderson discussed body lifts and how they can improve your shape and tone, and raise sagging body contours. She answered questions about body lifting procedures—including the abdomen, waist, thighs, buttock, breasts and more.

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Below are just a few of the questions and answers from the Emory Aesthetic Center’s live chat:

Question: What would be the benefit of getting a thigh lift vs just getting lipo in that area? Is the lift used to tighten the skin?

anderson-ericaDr. Anderson: The thigh lift tightens the skin and would be required if there is excess skin. Liposuction is appropriate for someone who has excess fat but not loose skin. Loose skin will not be resolved through liposuction.


Question: For loose skin on thighs & legs from weight loss, how much scarring is left, and where is the scarring? Would it be visible in swimwear, or other summer-type clothing?

anderson-ericaDr. Anderson: Great question. Typically, the scars appear on the inner thigh and the back of the hip. We design these scars so they aren’t visible in swimwear.


Is there such a thing as minimally invasive lifts? I could use a breast lift, but I am not too excited about the scars that may be left behind.

anderson-ericaDr. Anderson: The short-scar breast lift is available. It results in a “lolipop” scar pattern as opposed to the traditional “anchor” scar. The lolipop scar is much smaller and more discreet than a normal breast lift scar. To see if you are a candidate for the short-scar technique, feel free to come in for an evaluation.


Question: How long is the recovery time after a breast lift procedure?

anderson-ericaDr. Anderson: Recovery from a breast lift is relatively short, pain is minimal, and there are few physical restrictions. You would likely need a week off from work, but would be able to care for yourself at home.


Question: How often do the results of a lift procedure not come out as expected?

anderson-ericaDr. Anderson: Rarely do results not meet our patients’ expectations. If that ever were the case, our team here at the Emory Aesthetic Center would work with you to achieve your desired result. One way to make sure your expectations are met is to have detailed conversations with your surgeon about YOUR expectations and desired outcomes.
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