Weight Loss Surgery Chat

  • Helen

    I had gastric bypass at Emory in 2004; embarrassingly i have gained back most of the weight. I should have had the stress eater part of my brain removed instead of most of my stomach! Is there any type of Revision surgery that can be performed to give me yet another chance at success? I have heard of a procedure called ROSE? The surgeon at Emory that performed the 2004 RNY procedure is no longer at Emory so I was not sure who to contact. I hate being a gastric bypass failure.

    • Hi Helen,

      Thank you for your question.

      Some weight gain is expected several years after bypass surgery. Keep in mind that whatever ‘stressors’ that made you regain all your weight will still be there after any type of revision surgery—unless you deal with them FIRST. So how can we help you deal with these stressors? Support Groups, Private Counselings? Medically supervised programs?

      As for revisions, there are surgeries available if the pouch is enlarged or if the Roux-limb (the small bowel that does not absorb nutrients) needs to be lengthened. You will usually need to be plugged into a medical and support program first, and undergo some tests to determine if your anatomy can be revised. (There are some people with perfect gastric bypass anatomy, in which case there isn’t much of a surgical option.)

      About the ROSE procedure. It is an endoscopy assisted (camera and device through the mouth) procedure that tries to sew up your pouch to reduce its size. It does involve placement of a permanent foreign material—never to be removed. We have played with the technology, but do not offer it at Emory because we have used our standard medical and surgical options as mentioned above. I’m sorry but we don’t know any one in our area who does the procedure either. We suspect that insurance doesn’t pay for it and it is technically very challenging.

      I hope this helped.

      _ Dr. Lin