Successful & Lasting Weight Loss: Strategies for Reaching Your Goals

For the millions of Americans who diet, stop dieting and then promise to diet again, the constant struggle to lose weight and keep it off can be exhausting, not to mention discouraging. Fortunately, there are successful strategies that you can learn from to help make this time the one that leads to a healthier, happier lifestyle. Join Emory Bariatrics registered dietitians, Meagan Moyer, RD, and Kasey LaPointe, RD, on Tuesday, August 11, 2015 at 12:00 p.m. EST to discuss strategies for long term weight loss success. They will provide healthful living tips to get you on the path to lasting weight loss and answer your questions about surgical and non-surgical weight loss.

Live Blog Strategies for Weight Loss

  • teresa Hughes

    I have a question, i had a liver transplant almost 3 years ago there. i had lost a total of 150 pounds but months after my transplant , I started gaining weight back . i have 70 lbs i want to lose . I have tried alot of diets but stick to any of them. I can do alot of execrise because of leg and foot problems. what can I do that will help me lose weight but not starve my self so I can stick to it .

  • Millicent Hollins

    There are not any current studies on IF in laboratory animals that this diet will cause diabetes and weight gain. How is it possible to gain weight when an animal is either not eating or eating a lot less calories per day? Studies on mice and humans who have done controlled and monitored IF diet, show they have lowered the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. I would love to see the research paper that confirm that laboratory animals or humans developed diabetes on an IF diet. Were you aware, that Almond Milk as sold in our American stores is a nutritional unbalanced food, because it contains huge quantities of water in comparison to Almonds. It is basically flavored water in a container. There is also conflicting information on the dairy inflammation, said to be caused by drinking whole milk. Raw milk, Raw Butter, Greek Yogurt and Kefir is not the same as the American non organic Pasteurized milk products. The important issue for me is getting the correct amount of beneficial nutrients in my diet, therefore we should honestly evaluate the nutrient content in foods which will change depending how the food is cooked, harvested, packaged or manufactured.