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Together Everyone Achieves More – The Emory Difference

Emory Healthcare CommunityWith our reach and community involvement growing by the day, we at Emory Healthcare have spent a lot of time discussing what it is that makes our Emory Healthcare community such an important part of what we do. Who is part of our community? How many lives are we touching? Where can our community be found?

The answer to these questions are simple. The Emory Healthcare community is more than just a network of hospitals, affiliated and community hospitals, clinics, and telehealth locations. Our community is the people that make Emory Healthcare so special. It’s about our nurses, physicians, and staff that work with our patients, rather than on them. It’s our patients, families, and the communities that rely on the outstanding patient-centered care and innovative research taking place at Emory Healthcare every day.

Despite the fact that we have hospital and care facilities across Atlanta and the state of Georgia, our community extends beyond state lines and even globally.

Our community has taken shape on the Web, where we are able to get valuable feedback from interacting with our patients, families and people like you all over the world. We use tools like our YouTube channel to provide free educational videos, and our blog, to give our community free and easy access to doctor expertise and advice.

Our medical advances, clinical trials, research and educational efforts allow us to embrace the health care community as a whole, and play a role as a leader in advancing the possibilities of patient centered care. In an environment where we empower patients, their families, and our community to participate in and embrace their own health and care, everyone benefits. That’s the Emory difference.

Emory Healthcare 500 Photos!

The Emory Healthcare 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race is just days away. Things are gearing up over at Atlanta Motor Speedway in preparation for the big night race event. For those of you who haven’t already arrived at the track, we’ve put together a slideshow of photos to keep you updated on the latest race happenings!

Check out the Emory Healthcare 500 photos here!

For more race related updates, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Make sure you also follow the Atlanta Motor Speedway team, hosts of this wonderful Labor Day weekend! If you’re on Twitter and talking about the race, the official Twitter hashtag for the event to use in your tweets is #ehc500.

Emory Healthcare Launches Special Site Dedicated to the Emory Healthcare 500

Emory Healthcare 500 website

The Emory Healthcare 500 is a truly special event. Not only is it a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series night race event, but it’s taking place on Labor Day weekend, and brings together a broad community with a wide variety of interests. Despite the the multifaceted nature of the Emory Healthcare 500 team, members of this community have more in common than meets the eye. Doctors and race teams alike work tirelessly in high pressure situations each and every day. Furthermore, physicians, nurses, drivers, race teams and all of the individuals that come together to organize an event such as the Emory Healthcare 500 must work together in collaboration to accomplish a common goal, often with limited time and resources. The Emory Healthcare 500 is an event that allows us to celebrate the constant effort and energy these groups of people put into making the communities in which we live a better place.

To help us celebrate the teams involved and the community that will be in attendance next weekend, we have launched a special website dedicated not only to the Emory Healthcare 500 race, but also to our community’s medical advances and overall health and wellness. This special site can be found at

The Emory Healthcare 500 website features 500 unique and interesting facts ranging from tidbits such as “Did you know the 200 millionth American was born at Emory University Hospital Midtown?” to tips for how to spot cancer at home.

We welcome your feedback on the new site (feel free to leave a reply below) and look  forward to seeing our Emory Healthcare, Atlanta Motor Speedway, and Georgia communities this weekend for the biggest Labor Day party in Atlanta.

Meet Mr. 500, The Emory Healthcare 500 Grand Marshal

Who better than a man who’s nicknamed “Mr. 500” to yell “Gentlemen, start your engines!” and kick off the Emory Healthcare 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race as grand marshal? When it came time to pick a grand marshal for the Labor Day weekend night race event, officials from Emory Healthcare and the Atlanta Motor Speedway immediately identified the perfect candidate, Terry “Mr. 500” Green. Terry Green, Grand Marshal

Terry’s nickname is not the only thing making him a good fit for the Emory Healthcare 500 grand marshal position. His history with Emory Healthcare is a long one; in fact, it spans his entire life. Almost 61 years to the day after being born at Emory, Terry was reborn in the same place as the recipient of Emory University Hospital’s 500th heart transplant.

While the nickname and his life changing transplant experience are certainly enough to make him the perfect Emory Healthcare 500 grand marshal, Terry’s history with Emory goes even deeper. During a vacation with his wife on a cruise, Terry suffered a heart attack and was stabilized while on the ship before being transported back to Georgia and Emory for care. Coincidentally, the doctors who cared for him on the cruise were both trained at Emory University School of Medicine.

As Terry describes, “You talk about another extra special link to this whole experience; not only was my life saved on foreign soil by doctors who learned their trade at Emory, but I would receive my transplant there, was born there, and will now forever be known as ‘Mr. 500’ for this once-in-a-lifetime event.” As a result, Terry has truly become a special part of the Emory Healthcare family.

Since receiving his treatment and heart transplant at Emory, Terry has served as an ambassador for Emory Healthcare. He is now is able to continue that role in the grand marshal position. As he remarks, “To be named grand marshal for the Emory Healthcare 500, an event that is such an incredible show, and means so much to Georgia and the Atlanta Metropolitan area each year, is beyond a special surprise, as well as an honor.”

Top 5 Things that Make the Emory Healthcare 500 Better than Your Typical Race

The tailgate parties, race excitement, food, friends and fun are typically enough of a reason to go see a NASCAR race sometime in your life. This is especially true when you get to participate in the excitement over a holiday weekend at a night race event. But more than just the fun of the experience, at the Emory Healthcare 500, taking place Labor Day weekend at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, participants will be able to take a lot more away with them than just a great experience. Below we’ve outlined the top 5 things Emory Healthcare will add to make the typical race experience that much better at the Emory Healthcare 500:

1. Free Blood Pressure Screenings:

Approximately 30% of the United States population has high blood pressure. Although common, it doesn’t make the ramifications of high blood pressure any less shocking. Heart and kidney failure, heart attack and stroke are just a few of the problems high blood pressure can lead to. For those of you attending the Emory Healthcare 500, Emory Healthcare nurses will be on-site to provide free blood pressure screenings and advice and tips on how to improve it.

2. Smoking Cessation Help & Information:
Within just twenty minutes of your last cigarette your blood pressure begins to drop. Within 12 hours of your last cigarette your body’s carbon monoxide levels return to normal. After 24 hours, your chance of heart attack is reduced. Two weeks to three months after quitting, your lung function will improve by about 30% and after a full year, your risk of coronary heart disease is half that of a smoker. All of these are reasons to quit for your own health. If that’s not enough, quitting to spend more time with your family and friends makes it a worthwhile cause. Our nurses will provide you with helpful information to help guide you on the path today.

3. Free Head/Neck Cancer Screenings:
Have you ever been to a large sporting event where you could receive expert screenings for cancer? At the Emory Healthcare 500 you can! Specialists from the Atlanta Head & Neck Cancer Coalition will be at the race to provide attendees with free head and neck cancer screenings.

4. BMI Screenings:
It’s no secret that obesity is on the rise. It’s also a well known fact that obesity leads to all kinds of serious health problems ranging from diabetes to heart failure. Emory Healthcare nurses will be at the Emory Healthcare 500 to provide free Body Mass Index (BMI) screenings and provide you with information about proper nutrition and healthy habits to improve your BMI if needed.

5. General Wellness and Health Information:
Our Emory Healthcare team is made up of experts in hundreds of health care fields. At the Emory Healthcare 500 you will get a free opportunity to speak with them and get your health questions answered. Have a question about whether you need a particular immunization or how you can help fight cancer? Our nurses, physicians and volunteers are the ones to ask.

We hope that aside from the fun and festivities of any NASCAR race, these five additions to the Emory Healthcare 500 lineup will make it that much more worthy of your attendance. We look forward to seeing our patient, physician and Georgia community on Labor Day weekend!

The Emory Healthcare 500 – More Than Just A Race

Emory Healthcare 500Where on Labor Day can you find teams of experts collaborating in high-pressure situations, a fast-paced environment, and neon lights? There are two places that come to mind immediately– the Atlanta Motor Speedway and Emory Healthcare’s community of hospitals and care providers. That’s why it only makes sense that this year Emory Healthcare is the title sponsor of Atlanta Motor Speedway’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, a night race event titled the “Emory Healthcare 500.”

The Emory Healthcare 500 is the first event of its kind that Emory Healthcare has chosen to sponsor, due in part to the unique opportunity it presents us to support the local community, Emory patients and physicians. As President and CEO of Emory Healthcare, John T. Fox, notes, “it is a unique opportunity to support the local communities that work so hard to host and operate one of the nation’s premier sporting events each year. It is also a chance to support and thank the many valued patients and physicians in the Henry County and Southern Crescent region who allow Emory to serve them for cutting-edge medical care.”

Keeping with the theme of supporting the local community, Emory Healthcare staff will be on-site to provide health screenings and educational information for race fans, visitors, and community members alike. Additionally, Emory Healthcare is also the new official health care provider of the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

We anticipate seeing many members of both the Emory Healthcare and Georgia communities on Labor Day at the Emory Healthcare 500 and we look forward to a great weekend and the opportunity to continue to serve our community with excellence in patient centered health care.