Patient Family Advisor Spotlight – Marv Trott

Image of Marv Trott

Patient Family Advisors (PFAs) are current or former patients and family members. They volunteer their time to partner with Emory Healthcare leadership, staff, and doctors. They serve on committees, councils, project teams and other groups working in a variety of ways to improve patient care.

In May 2017 one of our dear PFA’s made his transition. Marv Trott passed away in Emory University Hospital Hospice. Marv had been a PFA since 2009. He and his wife Margie were early pioneers of the Patient Family Advisory Council. This is Marv’s story…

“In 2007 Dr. Nathan Spell asked if my wife Margie and I would be interested in an Emory project called “Patient and Family Centered Care”. We agreed and Hal Jones came to our home and encouraged us to join which we (wife Margie) both did. During the next two years we both were involved in focus groups in the development of the “Care” project and as PFA’s in several projects including “Disclosure”, the “Emory University Hospital at Northlake” now known at EUOSH, and the “CarePage Website”.

In early 2009 I participated in the development of the PFAC and Margie continued as a PFA in the “Bedside Shift Report Program”. Since that time I have continued as a member of the PFAC and also have been involved as a PFA in many projects including the “Call Center”, “Portal”, ”Secret Shopper” and the latest “J Wing Expansion”. Some of these occurred before Volgistics was instituted in 2010.

Both Margie and I have been surgical patients at Emory.

In World War II, I was in the “Battle of the Bulge”. With the help from the GI bill, I graduated from the University of Rochester in 1950 with a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering. In 1948 I started and operated an Electronic Design and Manufacturing company during the next 40 years. After I sold the business in 1988 I became a Mentor in SCORE which is a resource of the (SBA) US Small Business Administration. During the past 27 years, I have been actively mentoring Clients who are starting or are currently in business.”

Marv will be missed. We are forever indebted to his many contributions to the PFAC and the Office of Care Transformation.

About Patient Family Advisors

How was your experience at Emory? If you or a loved one received care at Emory, please consider becoming a Patient and Family Advisor (PFA). As a PFA, you’ll be directly involved in helping the organization make better decisions by sharing your experiences, perspectives, and expectations. as a patient or family member.

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