We’re All In This Together: Meet Our New Brand!

Emory Healthcare New Brand

If you’re reading this blog or have visited the Emory Healthcare website recently, you may have noticed something a bit different. Our logo and website of yesterday are gone, and in their place is the shiny new look of the Emory Healthcare brand.

But a brand is more than a logo, more than a trademark, more than a mission. Our brand is a promise- a promise to live up to our goals, serve our community, and hold ourselves accountable in providing the standard of care our patients and families expect and deserve.

Every year we make strides in care innovation, quality outcomes and community health, because every year, we set goals that hold us accountable to our community. The residents of Atlanta and the state of Georgia depend on Emory Healthcare and the Emory Healthcare Network of providers, clinics and hospitals, to deliver on our promise.

We could tell you that Emory University Hospital was ranked as the best hospital in Atlanta in 2013, or that over 50% of the “Top Doctors” in Atlanta are Emory physicians, or that we are the only health care system to have two hospitals simultaneously rank in the nation’s top 10 for quality; but the truth is, these honors and accolades are only evidence of our promise to deliver, but that promise lies in each of us.

From one of our transplant nurses donating her own kidney to a patient in need, to our human resource team members stepping in as cooks during the Atlanta Snowpocalypse, to our Winship physicians running side-by-side to support their patients in raising money for the fight against cancer, it is our team that is our brand.

We are Emory and we are not afraid to challenge the status quo. We’re not afraid to tackle the most difficult cases and questions. We’re not afraid to lead the discussion on what’s broken about our nation’s healthcare, instead, we’re looking forward to playing a part in fixing it. We’re not afraid to discover new cures and treatments and share them with the world.

We are researchers and teachers discovering what’s next in medicine and improving health today. We are practitioners taking exceptional, compassionate care of our communities. We are a dedicated team, 16,000 strong, committed to sharing our skills and our knowledge, combining our strengths, and working together – for and with patients – to help you and your loved ones be well.

We live our promise every day, and we will continue to do so for our community. After all….We’re all in this together.

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  • Emory physician

    Mr. Fox,
    In reading Emory’s new slogan “We’re all in this together”, several things come to mind. This suggests that the general Emory body is digging itself out of some kind of hole or that the ship is sinking and we’re all “going down together”. What is this supposed to suggest to our patients?

    In fact, I’ve overheard a patient suggesting that the back of the tee-shirt shirt read “God help us”. How could a marketing team have come up with such a poor slogan? Try and more motivational and inspirational approach next time.

  • Aneesah Akbar-Uqdah

    I am VERY please to see our new brand of . I would like to know how I can contact those responsible for the new commercial. I have been conducting research and developing health media that includes and encourages masculine identified women in the healing process. The Queer community has been absent from the face of public health outside of HIV/AIDS. My concentration is in obstetrics, ovarian and breast cancers in the queer community. Despite many years of healthcare reform a common complaint among masculine identified women and their partners is that 1.) Their partners are not included in the caring team. 2.) Upon reception they are discriminated against solely based on their masculine presentation. As an employee of CDC, Rollins School of Public Health, and Emory Healthcare I have not only personally experienced this treatment, but have been part of a social study that has witnessed such discrimination. Thus I’m delighted to see the new branding of Emory Healthcare and emphasis on the whole FAMILY and doing the work TOGETHER!

  • Yemi Adeyefa

    Love the new brand. Can’t wait to be a part of it!

  • Faye Jennings

    Love the new approach. Just a point of correction, if I may. Your commercial mentions using Nurse Practioners and Physician’s Assistants. What you probably meant was Physician Assistant. Thank you for your consideration. Keep up the great work.