Emory University Hospital Among America’s Best Hospitals

Emory University Hospital AtlantaAmerica's Best HospitalsThe 22nd annual U.S. News & World Report rankings of America’s Best Hospitals place Emory University Hospital for the 22nd consecutive year as one of the top hospitals in the United States.  These rankings follow the publication’s regional rankings released earlier this year, in which Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital and Emory University Hospital Midtown were also highly ranked. National hospital rankings released today place Emory University Hospital with the nation’s leading health care facilities in ten categories and among the nation’s top 20 in five prestigious categories: cardiology, neurosurgery, psychiatry, ophthalmology, and kidney disorders.

The U.S. News & World Report Best Hospital rankings emerged over 20 years ago as a way to identify and showcase hospitals exceptionally skilled in handling the most difficult medical cases, such as brain tumors typically considered inoperable and specialized cardiac procedures.

The 2012 rankings of America’s Best Hospitals spotlight the top hospitals across the country out of more than 5,000 centers evaluated. Each of the hospitals featured in this year’s list are ranked nationally in at least one medical specialty and/or placed among the best hospitals rankings in its respective metro area earlier this year. Hard data stand behind the rankings in most specialties, including death rates, patient safety, procedure volume, and other objective data. Responses to a national survey, in which physicians were asked to name hospitals they consider best in their specialty for the toughest cases, also were factored in.

The purpose of the U.S. News Best Hospitals rankings is to assist in guiding patients who need an especially high level of care because of a difficult surgery, a challenging condition, or added risk because of other health problems or age. “These are referral centers where other hospitals send their sickest patients,” says Avery Comarow, U.S. News Health Rankings Editor. “Hospitals like these are ones you or those close to you should consider when the stakes are high.”

We are very proud of our Emory Healthcare team and honored that we have been ranked not only as the top hospital in Atlanta, but also among the best hospitals in the country. Thank you to our community that allows us to make top notch patient-centered care backed by the most innovative medical research and technology a priority each and every day. We look forward to continuing to advance the possibilities in the realm of health care.

Below you can check out comments from our Emory Healthcare CEO, John Fox and the Winship Cancer Institute’s Executive Director, Walter J. Curran, MD, on what the U.S. News Best Hospital rankings mean to us. Please also feel free to share your thoughts and comments in the comment field below!

Words on the Rankings from Emory Healthcare CEO, John Fox:

John T. Fox, President & CEO of Emory Healthcare

“These annual rankings provide an opportunity for every physician, nurse and staff member who serves Emory Healthcare’s patients and their loved ones to pause and celebrate an accomplishment reserved for very few medical centers across the nation. Today’s announcement also serves as a reinforced reminder of why we are in business – to provide the very best research and discovery-based medicine in a safe, patient and family-centered environment. I thank our valued patients for allowing us to serve them each day, and at the same time we celebrate this announcement, we also re-affirm our commitment to excellence in care and customer satisfaction.”

Words on the Rankings from Walter J. Curran, Executive Director of the Winship Cancer Institute:

Dr. Walter Curran

“On behalf of the faculty and staff at the Winship Cancer Institute, we are very proud of the significant rise in standings in the US News & World Report rankings. This positive trajectory reflects their hard work and devotion to our patients’ care as well as our emphasis on collaboration with physicians throughout Georgia. We remain focused on constant improvement in everything we do and look forward to continued progress.”


This year’s “Best Hospitals” rankings are now online at: www.usnews.com/besthospitals. The print edition will appear at newsstands on August 31.

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  • Marianne Johnston

    The reason the hospital is so great is the people who are on staff there, especially the doctors.. I drive from S.GA (2 miles from Florida) to see the physicians there because they care more, know more, and follow through with an excellence of care unmatched by any other hospital. The physicians are accessible. They call me, they answer my e-mails. The information is not given second hand through a nurse or secretary days later. I give high praises to Dr.Shishir Kumar Maithel, Surgical Oncology, for his excellence, not only as a surgeon, but also for the caring and concerned human being that he is.. He goes way above and beyond what any physician I have ever delt with goes, whether as a patient or a registered nurse working in the field for the last 40+ years. Dr. Maithel performed [procedure removed] for me May [date removed]. No physician who sees me ( I show every body the barely visable little white line that no one can believe is a surgical scar!) my GI doctors here in S.Ga, my cardiologist at Emory that I saw this past Wednesday, all my nursing buddies, fail to say they are amazed at how well I am doing, looking, feeling! The cardiologist just told me that he had NEVER seen anyone who had the [procedure removed] do so well! I hear this same statement repeatedly. I give all the credit to God first, because He Connected me with Dr. Maithel, then to Dr.Maithel, who ranks second to The great Creator, in my affection and the amount of faith I have in his abilities. Dr. Maithel IS the Best!


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