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Finding a Better Antifungal Agent for Lung Transplant Patients

Because human airways are open to airborne fungal spores and pathogens, lung transplant patients are especially susceptible to infections, a major cause of post-transplant disease and even death. A reliable means of preventing fungal...

Eat Well, Live Well: The Importance of Nutrition for the Transplant Patient

We all know good nutrition plays a critical role in overall health. But for transplant patients, good nutrition is especially important. Francoise Maillet, a clinical dietitian who works with the Emory Transplant Center, wrote...

Emory Transplant Center Performs First Triple Organ Transplant Procedure in Georgia

The team at the Emory Transplant Center has performed more organ transplants in the state of Georgia than any other transplant center. Because the Georgia community trusts the expertise of our transplant team, we...



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