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4 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

As we all know, regular exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. But because of various injuries and/or health conditions, instead of running on a treadmill or jumping rope, many people (especially those with back pain) must choose to participate in low-impact activities. If you’re someone impacted by musculoskeletal issues – ranging from tender joints to osteoarthritis – check out the four activity options below for healthy ways to stay active without all the wear and tear.

  1. Yoga

Because the foundation of yoga is stretching, it is an ideal exercise option for those requiring low-impact options for staying fit. The slow and gradual movements associated with yoga allow the body to gracefully ease into each position and ensure joints avoid taking on the heavy impact associated with many other forms of exercise. Yoga can help you become more flexible and has a wide range of mental and physical health benefits – all while going easy on your body.

  1. Walking

Walking is one of the best ways to stay active and to make a positive, healthy change in your life. Get your steps in by walking indoors or outdoors. Using a tracking tool is another excellent way to challenge yourself or others, and it can even motivate you to walk more.

  1. Cycling

Cycling is a fantastic low-impact way of working cardiovascular exercise into your routine. Indoor or outdoor cycling allows you to incorporate resistance training into your workout. This gets the heartbeat up to burn calories, build stamina, and boost your overall healthy lifestyle!

  1. Tai Chi

Tai Chi, rooted in martial arts and meditation, provides core strengthening, balance, and aerobic benefits. Tai Chi uses slow, graceful movement, removing harsh impacts on joints while reducing stiffness and even improving your sleep!

If one or many of these benefits appeal to you, you should look into the various schools of yoga and classes to determine which is right for you. The great news is that just about everyone can do it. Body type and fitness levels do not matter because there are modifications for every pose and class to suit all people. 

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