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This past weekend, we had our board retreat for the AJC-Decatur Book Festival. I’m the executive director, so I was expected to be a leader in the meeting. It was a bright sunny morning, so I had worn my prescription sunglasses into the meeting room. But when the board president started writing on the flipchart, I found myself fumbling through my bag, scrambling for my regular glasses. No Dice! I ended up spending the entire day squinting at the notes on the pad. At one point, we had assembled a list of 30 or so priorities, and we needed to rank them. I suggested we all get up and make a mark next to the items we voted for–it would have let me get up and read them all up close.

Of course, after the whole day meeting, I got home, emptied my bag on the table and found my glasses at the bottom.

I hate my glasses. They’re always dirty–my wife makes fun of how grimy they look. If I clean them while I’m waiting for the coffee to brew, they’ll be smudged by the time I leave the house. I scramble to find them, and I’m always worried about scratching them. I have two old pairs in my glove compartment, because for various reasons, I’ve found myself driving home at night without them, a dangerous situation for sure.

I’ve decided that this is my year of personal renovation. Instead of putting a new sunroom on the house, I’m doing all the work to renovate myself. Like a twenty-year old house, I’ve gotten worn around the edges, and I needed some attention. I’ve started working out a lot, and I’ve dropped 3 pant sizes. My old jeans kind of have that “pants on the ground” thing going on, I’m proud to say. And I run a lot. I’ll be running a 15k this weekend. Running with glasses on is just terrible. After a quarter mile, they fall off your face from the sweat. You can buy straps to keep them in place, but then my wife will really make fun of me.

So I’ve decided that one of my projects for my personal renovation is to get LASIK surgery on my eyes. I’m about to give up the glasses, and be able to wake up and see the alarm clock every morning. I know several people who have gone through the procedure, and they’ve all been thrilled with it. I have to try hard to hide my jealousy.

But I run a book festival. Reading and writing are central to my work, and to my non-work time as well.

I met the great pianist George Winston the other day when he came for a concert I helped put on. George, as you can imagine, is careful with his hands. What I do isn’t at his level, but I like to think my eyes are as important to me as his hands are to him.

So I asked around about LASIK services, and there’s one name I heard time and time again. Emory. Latest equipment, best doctors, best modern poetry collection in the world. How can you not trust those guys?

I’m scheduled for my treatment later this month, and I’d love to hear from those of you who have had the LASIK procedure. What was your experience like?