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  • Ram

    My father has lungs problems. Need a double lung donor for his transplantation please advice ASAP. Thanks.

    • Ram, applying to get on the OPTN National Transplant Waiting List is a complex process and requires you go through extensive evaluation. You can make an appointment for an evaluation at the Emory Transplant Center. For more information about the entire process, you can visit Hope this helps!

  • Buddy W.

    I am interested in learning about the possibilities of donating my body, after death of course, to Emory, for science.
    My brother-in-law did so, and has brought “light” to this possibility. Can you help me with information and requirements?

    • Hi Buddy, and thanks so much for your comment. Here’s some contact information for the Body Donor Program. They’ll be able to provide information and requirements:

      Emory University School of Medicine
      Body Donor Program
      Phone: 404-727-6242

  • Marie G.

    I have a friend who is on dialysis who tells me that he is not eligible for a kidney transplant because he lives in an assisted-living facility. Could you provide any information?

    • Hi Marie, and thanks for your question. An individual would not necessarily be disqualified for transplant because they live in an assisted living facility. There may be additional factors associated with it. All recipient candidates must have an ‘Approved Transplant Plan’ that includes a sufficient support system, ability to cover post transplant medications, among others. We are happy to explain in more detail. Please have your friend call to speak with one of our Transplant Coordinators at 1-855-EMORYTX (366-7989). Thanks again, and hope this helps!

  • Sonia

    Hello I have a few questions [content removed for patient privacy].

    • Hi Sonia,

      Thank you for you inquiry. It would be best for you to contact the Emory Transplant Center directly to speak with someone about your husband’s case. Please call us at 1-855-EMORYTX (366-7989). This is a toll free number.

  • Veronica J.

    My brother was diagnosed with kidney failure about three years ago [removed for patient privacy].

    • Thanks for reaching out, Veronica. The Emory Transplant Center has access to an interpreter line so that we are able to speak to any patient in any language. Please call 1-855-366-7989 and ask for Sharon Mathews. She can assist you.

      • Veronica J.

        Thank you so much for your help and information I greatly appreciated it.

  • Maximo N.

    I read about your donor program. How about if the donor is in another country like the Philippines. Are the steps the same? If telephone interview is not possible due to bad signal reception, is there any other form of communication that will facilitate the interview?


    • Good question, Maximo. Yes, we are able to work with international donors. In order to do the initial testing, we will need to collect demographic information on the patient so we can set them up in the electronic medical record. An initial phone call to the Emory Transplant Center at 1-855-366-7989 and speak to Sharon Mathews or Dawn Fletcher is required, and then we can facilitate a phone call work around. We can collect an email address to continue communication. Hope this helps!

  • curtis bell

    i read that you are the top heart transplant hospital / i have done my research and found you done the most heart transplants of any hospital in georgia . To get to my point iam being seen by a cardiologist in the north georgia area at this time.iam getting confusing information about my chf which is stage 3 One surgeon said while getting a valve ring put in that at this point i would be a great candidate for a heart transplant iam only 54 . But my cardiologist doesn’t agree he feels quote “you have a bad heart and thats the way it is. I would like a second opinion but dont know what my option are . Any information would be very helpful . Thank you .

    • emoryhealthcare

      Hi Curtis, thanks for reaching out to us. If you would like to make an appointment with our Heart Failure team to be evaluated for a heart transplant or other therapies, please call 404-778-5273. You can also call our HealthConnection nurses at 404-778-7777. The may be able to help you find a location or specialist that’s right for you.

  • Denise Colon

    I am a 2x kidney transplant recipient 2002 and 2008. (I lost my first transplant due to an allergic reaction to cipro) I have been taking tacrolimus and cellcept for over a decade now and was recently diagnosed with endometrial cancer…The drug leaflet for both of these meds state I’m at an increased risk for cancer and HIV, so I’m certain that they caused or contributed to the cancer…I’d like to explore less toxic or herbal alternatives and/or treatments. Or perhaps receive a stem cell transplant from my donor who is very willing to help in any way. Any advice would be very appreciated. I’m having a robotic hysterectomy on 11/14

    • Emory Healthcare

      Hi Denise, thanks for reaching out to us. If you’d like to schedule an appointment to consult with one of our physicians, please call 855-366-7989 and they would be happy to assist you.

  • Linda Simmons

    My husband has had primary HCC since Jan 2013….long story.
    He has recently u dergone another TACE procedure, and is doing well.
    However, his biggest problem for quality of life is unremitting, severe pruritus.
    He has had numerous treatments and protocols for the pruritus, in the past year, without any response. None of his health practioners seem to have any other ideas for treatment. I have asked for their opinion of some of the alternative treatments, including the MARS system, but their only response is that they havent heard of it, or is is not available.

    Is any one at Emory working on treatments for pruritus, or is there a way to speak to someone who might discuss liver dialysis for his condition?

    • Emory Healthcare

      Hello, Linda!

      Yes, Emory does use the MARS system for this indication. Are you local to Georgia or within the Southeast? The physician is asking as there may be a MARS location closer to you than Emory.

      Thank you,

      Emory Transplant Center

      • Linda Simmons

        We live in Mid-Missouri, and are desperate to find help from someone seriously researching pruritus, or using MARS or other promising treatment.
        We would be willing to travel.

      • Linda Simmons

        Sorry if I’m duplicating posts….can’t tell if my reply was received.
        We live in Mid-MO, but would be able to travel.
        My husband’s pruritus is severe, chronic, intractable, disabling….since Nov. 2016. His liver function is not that bad….bilirubin 1.5. He has more than 6 lesions, with the largest, treated, >5cm. (He doesn’t have pain, and has used only Advil or Tramadol, recently.) Worst indicator is ALP, usually over 550. ( These were before TACE of 3/09/2017). Next MRI and labs are scheduled for early April.

        Except for the HCC, and a proliferation of skin cancers ( possibly worsened by Nexavar or Tremelimumab) he is in remarkably good health, and was very active through 2016. However, he has a somewhat long and unusual history of non metastatic cancers.

        Please help us reach someone who can take a fresh approach to his pruritus…..hopefully MARS could be a solution.

        John and Linda

        • Emory Healthcare

          Hi, Linda!

          We have comments hidden until they get approved and we prepare a response to each comment individually. So, the reason why you did not see your previous comment posted as of yet was not because it did not go through via DISQUS, but because it was in moderation with us.

          We have someone waiting to speak with you personally now. Please call 404-686-6780 and tell the lady who answers that your name is Linda and you were commenting on our blog. She is waiting for your call.

          Thank you. Have a great day!

        • Emory Healthcare

          Hi, Linda!

          We have someone waiting to speak with you personally now. Please call 404-686-6780 and tell the lady who answers that your name is Linda and you were commenting on our blog. She is waiting for your call.

          Thank you. Have a great day!

  • Linda Simmons

    We live in mid Missouri. Would be willing to travel.

  • Linda Simmons

    Thank you very much. Unfortunately, there was no response at that number.

    • Emory Healthcare


      Please try to call again some time today. She is waiting to talk to you. If you’d prefer, call 404-778-5338 to speak with me personally, I am Emory’s Interactive Marketing Manager responding to your comments and I will be available at the phone number above at 1 pm.

      Thank you.