Teacher Donates Kidney to Student through Emory’s Living Donor Kidney Program

Kaden Koebcke

Photo source: AJC.com

Twelve-year old Kaden Koebcke was diagnosed with kidney disease at the age of two. He underwent a kidney transplant when he was 5 years old but it was unsuccessful, and the kidney had to be removed within days of the transplant. Kaden continued life on dialysis, undergoing dialysis three times a week, but his condition began to deteriorate. Last year, Kaden’s family started a Facebook page in search of a living donor. Several people volunteered to be tested, including William Wilkerson, Kaden’s 6th grade technology teacher at Grace Christian Academy in Powder Springs. William was tested at Emory Transplant Center, and was found to be a perfect match. Both donor and transplant surgeries took place on August 14th – Kaden’s at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and William’s at Emory University Hospital. Both are reported to be doing well.

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Emory Transplant Center has a well-established kidney transplant program. Emory performed Georgia’s first kidney transplant in 1966 and has performed more than 5,000 kidney transplants to date – making us a leading national program.

Emory Living Donor Kidney Program

Emory’s Kidney Transplant Program has a well-established living donor kidney transplant program. To date, we have performed more than 1,300 living donor kidney transplants. We encourage living donation because of the excellent outcomes and the shorter wait times for patients to receive a kidney.

Emory Transplant Center also offers a paired exchange program to donor and recipient pairs who do not match. We work with the National Kidney Registry to locate matching kidneys and exchange with other recipients who have donors who do not match with them.

To learn more about kidney transplant and Emory’s Living Donor Kidney Program, visit www.emoryhealthcare.org/kidneytransplant or call 855-366-7989.