Emory Transplant Center’s Donor Wall Debuts 21 More Names

Transplant Donor WallThe Emory Transplan Center’s living donor wall, spanning one entire wall in the Outpatient Transplant Clinic’s (OTC) reception area, includes 21 additional names as of Nov. 26. As we celebrate the holidays, paving the way to a season of giving, it is with joy that we highlight the names of those who have given a part of themselves to a related or unrelated individual — donations of selfless gifts so that others may live and enjoy improved health and wellness.

The wall made its debut in Emory’s OTC in 2007. The new panel is the third installation since the wall’s premiere, with additions also made in 2009 and 2011. Today, the wall displays over 400 living donor names and their relationship to the recipients of their life giving/life enhancing gift, a kidney or portion of one’s liver.

Our living donor wall pays tribute to the individuals named there as tangible depictions of the ultimate gift of love to another.

“You can make a living by what you get, but you can make a life by what you give.” —unknown

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  • Leora

    Request information: A) How to be a living organ donor at Emory University
    transplant Ctr. B) How to become a body donor for organ, tissue donation and for medical research

    • Hi Leora, and thanks for your inquiry. For information about Emory Transplant Center’s Living Donor Program and how to become a living donor, please call 1-855-EMORYTX (366-7989)or visit our website.

      For information about how to become a body donor, you can contact the Emory University School of Medicine Body Donor Program at 404-727-6242.

      Hope this helps, and let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Kisha

    I [content removed for patient privacy]. My coordinator is no longer on the transplant floor & I haven’t spoken to anyone since.

    • Kisha, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The way the Donor Wall works is that we need to have 21 donor names to fill a panel. Once a panel is filled, we can add it to the wall. At this moment, we are very close to meeting this number and are hopeful to put up a new panel by April 2015. Please contact us to ensure that we have your information for the panel at 855-366-7989, and ask to speak with Ashley Hagan. We definitely want to acknowledge your gift of life. Thank you so much.