Innovative Treatment for Bile Duct Cancer Being Offered at Emory Transplant Center

The Emory Transplant Center is the only transplant center in Atlanta or the state of Georgia, and one of a few places in the country, performing a novel, life-saving protocol to treat bile duct cancer (cholangiocarcinoma). Cholangiocarcinoma is a lethal and aggressive cancer. Traditionally, the disease is treated with resection, surgically removing the tumor, but in many cases the cancer tends to continue to spread around the bile duct. In the past, patients with non-resectable bile duct cancer had little chance of survival.

The new protocol combines chemotherapy and radiation with a liver transplant, improving the likelihood of removing the entire source of cancer during surgery. The chemotherapy and radiation treat and sterilize the tumor bed, but using these options alone may eventually cause liver failure and thus the need for replacing the liver by performing a transplant.

Until recent years, patients diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma had few treatment options and little chance of survival. This new protocol offers hope and optimism to patients with this difficult disease. Learn more about treatment for bile duct cancer from the video below:

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  • Bev

    I had a liver resection wherein the common bile duct was severely damaged, I have had several drains attempted, but there is a blocage from the duct to the small intestine. So far we have been unable to cross through the blockage. My drs are convinced that the best method is to keep trying with the drains as they feel surgery is too dangerous. Are there no other options such as a bile duct transplant? Any information you could give me would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance,

    • Moderator

      Personal patient information removed for patient privacy.

    • Dr. Steven Hanish

      Bev, unfortunately bile duct transplants are not offered. While can’t address personal medical information within the context of this blog, we most certainly can in-person and with the assistance of your radiologic scans. Feel free to give us a call to schedule an appointment or chat with one of our nurses: 404-778-7777 Hope that helps!

      -Dr. Steven Hanish