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Becoming an Organ Donor: Your Answers to Common Questions About Organ Donation
Apr 27, 2020 By Emory Transplant Center

Currently, more than 110,000 men, women and children are waiting for a new organ. And while organ donation is overwhelmingly supported, only 60 percent of the U.S. adult population are registered organ, eye and tissue donors. This hesitancy is caused by many different reasons – from not realizing the importance of donation, to misconceptions about the organ donation process. Today, in honor of National Donate Life Month, we’re answering some of the most common questions about how and why it’s important to donate an organ. Discover the difference you can make in someone’s life.

Do Registered Organ Donors Receive Different Care?

Though it’s a common misconception that organ donors receive a lower level of care, the answer is absolutely not. Doctors, surgeons, nurses and all health care providers are trained professionals committed to improving the health of individuals [...]

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End-Stage Renal Disease: What Are My Treatment Options?
Mar 4, 2020 By Emory Transplant Center

kidney failureThe kidneys are small but mighty organs, and they have a big job of filtering 200 quarts of blood, and about two quarts of waste and water every day. When your kidneys aren’t working as well as they should – because of a chronic disease or acute illness – it’s difficult to remove waste and fluids, and dangerous toxins begin to build up into your body. Chronic kidney disease, which affects more than 30 million Americans, can also put you at higher risk for serious issues, including heart attack and stroke.

What is End-Stage Renal Disease?

Kidney failure is known as end-stage renal disease (ESRD) because it’s the last stage of chronic kidney disease. This means that one or both of your kidneys no longer function on their own. ESRD can be very scary for patients and their families. Fortunately, today’s advances in medicine are delivering better treatments and [...]

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Transforming Heart and Lung Transplant Programs at Emory
Feb 19, 2020 By Emory Transplant Center

Under the leadership of Mani Daneshmand, MD, Emory has been making transformational changes to its heart and lung failure and transplant programs. They have been brought together into one comprehensive program to improve care and coordination for patients and their families, along with providing the highest quality of care. The goal is to create a future where no Georgia resident will need to leave the state to get advanced heart and lung failure care.

Leader of the Heart and Lung Transplant Programs

Dr. Daneshmand joined Emory in June after leaving Duke University Medical Center where he served as surgical director of lung and heart-lung transplantation and surgical director of the Extracorporeal Life Support Program. He has been eager to apply his experiences and insights here at Emory. When asked what his vision is for the programs, Dr. Daneshmand says, “I see a bright [...]

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Emory Transplant Center Patient Honors the Gift of Life in the 2020 Tournament of Roses Parade
Jan 3, 2020 By Emory Transplant Center

Donate Life Light in the DarknessEmory Transplant Center patient Sherrell Gay was given a second chance at life, twice. On New Year’s Day, Sherrell was able to honor those who gave her the gift of life in the 131st Tournament of Roses Parade. Sherrell, the recipient of two life-saving heart transplants and a kidney transplant, honored her donors and their families by riding on the Donate Life Rose Parade Float. This year’s float, with the 2020 theme of “Light in the Darkness,” highlighted the power of unity, light and love, as celebrated during Southeast Asia’s Diwali, or the Festival of Lights, a celebration of light shining in the darkness. The float honored donors, recipients and their families who have been involved with organ, eye or tissue donation, and hopes to serve as a platform for inspiring others to heal and save the lives of those in need. Sherrell is thankful for her donors and their [...]

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Emory Transplant Center is Expanding its Footprint to South Georgia
Dec 12, 2019 By Emory Transplant Center

Committed to Delivering Transplant Care to Patients Near and Far

georgia map emory transplant centersEmory Transplant Center is making it easier for patients in South Georgia to access kidney and liver transplant services closer to home. Beginning in December 2019, Emory Transplant Center will see transplant patients in Thomasville, Ga. The new clinic joins a network of Emory Transplant Center clinics located throughout the state in Acworth, Athens, Dublin, Emory Midtown, Emory Saint Joseph’s and Savannah. The Thomasville clinic is located at the outpatient clinic on the first floor of Archbold Memorial Hospital. Patients will be seen for kidney pre-transplant evaluations and kidney post-transplant follow-up visits beginning in December, and liver pre-transplant evaluations beginning in January 2020. The clinic will rotate its services every other month. “We are fortunate to be able to collaborate with [...]

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Real Patients, Real Stories: Hear from Two-Time Lung Transplant Recipient
Nov 25, 2019 By Emory Transplant Center

Joseph McCanne was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at just three years of age. That diagnosis began a life-long journey that would ultimately lead to two lung transplant surgeries – with each transplant giving him a new opportunity to enjoy life at its fullest. Hear Joseph’s story as he describes his journey to transplant and how the Emory Lung Transplant Program has impacted his life. As we reflect on this Thanksgiving holiday and all that we are thankful for, let’s remember those who have given the generous donation of life through organ transplantation. "I know firsthand how lifesaving organ donation can be," says Joseph. "It is a beautiful, wonderful gift and I am thankful.”

Emory Lung Transplant Program

Emory Transplant Center offers the only Lung Transplant Program in Georgia. Our program specializes in the treatment of complex lung disorders and offers the [...]

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Study Finds Patients at For-Profit Dialysis Centers are Less Likely to Receive a Kidney Transplant
Oct 15, 2019 By Emory Transplant Center

kidneysA recent study published on September 10, 2019 in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) finds that kidney failure patients receiving dialysis at for-profit dialysis centers are less likely to get a kidney transplant than patients at nonprofit dialysis clinics. Emory researcher Rachel Patzer, PhD, MPH, associate professor in the departments of Surgery and Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine, and senior author on the JAMA paper, wanted to determine if there were lower rates of living donor and deceased donor transplantation among for-profit dialysis facilities. Using publicly available data from the national United States Renal Data System (USRDS), researchers looked at nearly 1.5 million kidney failure patients over 16 years. The study included review of non-profit small chains, non-profit independent facilities, for-profit large chains, for-profit [...]

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Emory Liver Transplant Program Ranks Highest in Georgia for Survival
Sep 18, 2019 By Emory Transplant Center

Committed to Delivering the Highest Quality of Care to Patients Near and Far

The Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR) currently ranks the Emory Liver Transplant Program as number one in Georgia for 1-year patient survival. Thanks to our surgeons, providers, nurses and care team (who all work diligently every day), the highest quality of care is possible for our patients in need of a liver transplant. The story of these numbers goes far beyond accolades and recognition. It demonstrates our commitment to constantly innovate, collaborate and care for the patients and families we serve.

SRTR Liver Transplant Rankings

A Leader in the State, a Leader in the Nation

In 1987, transplant surgeons at Emory University Hospital performed the first liver transplant in Georgia. Since that time, we’ve taken the experience and knowledge of our team to build the state’s leading liver transplant program – [...]

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Choosing a Kidney Transplant Program That’s Right for You
Aug 13, 2019 By Emory Transplant Center

Best in magnifying glassEmory Kidney Transplant Program Ranked Sixth in the Nation

When you’re choosing a kidney transplant program, it’s important to look at a number of different factors – from national rankings and compatibility to comfort level with the care team that will help you feel like yourself again. The Emory Kidney Transplant Program is proud to have been ranked sixth by the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN), based on adult kidney transplant volume in 2018. But, to us, these rankings are about more than numbers or recognition -- it’s about demonstrating our commitment to providing the most innovative and highest quality care to patients right here in Georgia. Every day, we are committed to working closely with patients, families, donors, and providers across all medical disciplines to ensure you receive the best care possible.

Experience to Guide You to the


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Emory Transplant Center Keeps Quality and Patient Care at the Forefront
Jul 16, 2019 By Emory Transplant Center

Lean methodologyThe Emory Transplant Center's focus on quality goes well beyond the ordinary. And, while it was the first transplant center to earn the prestigious National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)’s Patient-Centered Specialty Practice (PCSP) Level 3 Recognition – their highest level of distinction, Emory Transplant Center is committed to building upon its strengths, assertively working to enhance patient-centered care. Thanks to a generous grant from the Cox Foundation’s Jim Kennedy, the Emory Transplant Center is well underway in building the best possible patient experience. The award is intended to streamline appointments and reduce wait times while providing the highest quality health care. Toward these goals, the Emory Transplant Center is integrating the Lean Methodology quality principles into all aspects of its operation. The Lean Methodology is a quality [...]

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