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Decking the Halls – Avoiding Potential Injuries

Common Injury PreventionMore than 250 people a day were hurt by decorating accidents between Nov. 1 and the end of December last year. Almost a third of these injuries were the result of falling off a ladder, while another large percentage were neck or back related injuries.

Here are some common injuries that can occur while decking the halls this year:

  • You could fracture your hand, wrist, ankle or other bone in the body if you fall off the ladder while hanging decorations.  It is also possible to dislocate your shoulder or tear the meniscus (cartilage) in your knee.
  • Herniating a disc or straining a muscle in your neck or back while carrying big, heavy boxes of decorations.
  • Doing all the decorating in 1-2 days? This increased activity may lead to acute tendinitis in the knee or impingement in the shoulder.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid injuries:

  • When using a ladder to hang decorations, make sure you have the correct type of ladder for the job. Also ensure that the ladder is sitting on level ground and have a helper on the ground to hold the ladder if possible. Don’t lean too far to either side of the ladder. Move the ladder to the spot you need to reach.
  • When carrying heavy or awkward sized boxes and totes of decorations, make sure to use proper lifting techniques. Squat down to pick up the box instead of bending at the waist. Don’t rotate your body as you lift. Pick the box straight up and turn your whole body to avoid straining a muscle in your back.
  • Decorating for the holidays is not something we do every day so our bodies might not be used to running up and down a ladder all day hanging lights on the house. If you can spread out the decorating over a few days or week, this may help you avoid a flare up of acute tendinitis or impingement. Another idea is to have a helper to assist you with the decorations.

We hope you have a safe and healthy holiday season. If you do end up with a injury over the holidays, you can trust Emory Orthopaedics, Sports and Spine to take care of all your orthopedic needs!

About Scott Maughon, MD
Dr. Scott MaughonOrthopaedic Surgeon
Team Physician: Northview High School

Dr. Maughon is an orthopaedic surgeon new to Emory but has been a member of the community for over 20 years and is a native Atlantan. He attended medical school in Augusta at the University of Georgia, completed his residency training in Atlanta at Georgia Baptist Medical Center, and completed his fellowship training in Birmingham at the American Sports Medicine Institute.

Dr. Maughon sees patients in our Duluth clinic and performs surgery at Emory Johns Creek Hospital. He sees patients with any type of orthopaedic condition or injury but specializes in those needing shoulder, knee, or hip arthroscopy, joint replacement surgery, ACL surgery, or any type of sports medicine treatment.

When asked why he chose sports medicine as his specialty area, Dr. Maughon says, “To put it simply, I love helping others. I have always loved sports and it is so rewarding to help an athlete get back on the field and start competing again. I’m able to help that kid continue on and maybe even pursue a college or professional career down the road.”

About Emory Ortho, Sports and Spine in Johns Creek and Duluth
Emory Orthopaedics, Sports & Spine has recently opened two new clinics, one in Johns Creek and one in Duluth. Emory physicians, Kyle Hammond, MD, and Oluseun A. Olufade, MD see patients in Johns Creek. Mathew Pombo, MD and T. Scott Maughon, MD see patients in Duluth. Our new clinic locations care for a full range of orthopedic conditions including: sports medicine, hand/wrist/elbow, foot/ankle, joint replacement, shoulder, knee/hip, concussions, and spine. To schedule an appointment call 404-778-3350

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