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Celebrating Five Fantastic Achievements for Emory Orthopedics & Spine!

Time flies when you’re having fun. That has been especially true for us here at Emory Orthopaedics and Spine center. This year we’ve accomplished some great things and have received some fantastic accolades along the way! Here’s to a great year so far, and an even better rest of 2013!

Atlanta Top Orthopedists & Spine Doctors

Many of our orthopedists & spine doctors were honored as best in Atlanta by Atlanta magazine, including Dr. John Xerogeanes, who appears center on the magazine’s cover!

1. Orthopaedics and Spine Doctors honored in 2013 Top Docs by the Atlanta Magazine. Check out Dr. X on the cover!  

According to Atlanta magazine’s 2013 Top Doctors Rankings, many of our Emory Orthopaedics & Spine Doctors are some of the best in Atlanta. The magazine also states that nearly half of the physicians recognized as the best doctors currently work at Emory hospitals or clinics. We would like to thank Scott Boden, MD, Robert Bruce, MD, Spero Karas, MD, James Roberson, MD, John Xerogeanes, MD (Dr. X is featured on the cover!), and all of our other top docs for all that you do to prioritize top patient care every day! See the full list>

2.  Becker Hospital Review has named Emory University Hospital on their list of “100 Hospitals with Great Neurosurgery and Spine Programs”  

The Becker Hospital Review has recently announced the top 100 hospitals with great neurosurgery and spine programs and we are proud to say that Emory Healthcare is on that list. According to the website, the Becker’s Hospital Review editorial team “selected [these 100 hospitals] based on nominations, clinical accolades, quality care and other spine and neurosurgical proficiencies.” Emory Healthcare is honored and proud to be a part of this prestigious list. See the full list>