Runners’ Chat

4 Responses to “Runners’ Chat”

  1. ann says:

    Any tips for Walkers for the Peachtree in July?

    • Dr. Mason says:

      Hey Ann,

      I’d recommend you stay well hydrated and wear appropriate clothing on race day. Make sure to have walked at least 5 miles at least once before the Peachtree. This will help ensure that your body has been adequately prepared for the event.

      Thanks for your question,
      Dr. Mason

  2. Susan says:

    Dr. Mason, I’m training for the Peachtree Road Race and two weeks ago I jammed my pinky toe. Is there anything I can do to reduce the pain aside from ibuprofen?

    • Dr. Mason says:

      Typically when I sustain an injury like a jammed toe, ibuprofen and ice is the way I go. Buddy taping the smaller toe to the one beside can also help by acting as a splint and may help with the pain. Tylenol is actually a good pain reliever as well. Although please keep in mind, I can’t speak to your specific injury or level of pain without seeing you in person. Hope this helps!

      Dr. Mason