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  • Lexi

    My boyfriend was released in April after having surgery on his ACL. He is still playing football this year. This is his senior year. I want to help him workout and get his knee better than it is and make him believe he can still do it. Can you tell me some really good exercises that would help him.

  • Ahmed Farooq

    I faced a severe car accident back in may 2014 , a right arm oblique fracture one in a skull , doctors nailed a platinum rod with 4 , it got healed in 8 months , and its been 22 months i got my arm operated , i am a workout curious kinda guy , if an experienced orthopedist reads this please tell me m i able to workout & continue my athletics? I m abt 22 yo
    Best regards

  • Fearghal

    Hello, I am 15 years old, about 2 years ago I had osgoodschlater disease in both knees which lasted for about 1 year but is completely healed and fine. However usually everyday I crack my knees, and now ever since this after games the inside of my knee and more the outside of my legs feel as if the will just break into they are that week.sometimes they buckle etc. Please can you help me here?