Emory Sports Medicine Physician Lands in Rio to Support Olympic Team

rio-squareWhen the 2016 Olympic Games kick off Friday, viewers will tune in to see the world’s best of the best athletes walking into Rio’s Maracana Stadium during the opening ceremony.

Among those making their way into the stadium will be Emory Healthcare sports medicine physician R. Amadeus Mason, M.D., who is helping support Team USA Track and Field.

Dr. Mason was busy this year treating four Olympic hopefuls at Emory Sports Medicine Center. Each one had pounding, over-use type injuries in either the knees, Achilles or shin. He treated them with various non-surgical measures such as biologic injections of platelets or stem cells.

“It’s exciting that these are the types of patients we see at Emory Sports Medicine on a daily basis,” he said, “and that’s the level of care anyone can expect in terms of treatment from the doctors here.”

Emory Sport Medicine Center treats people of all levels, whether they are regularly active, a weekend warrior or even a pro.

One of Dr. Mason’s patients is 400-meter hurdler, Ajoke Odumosu, a two-time Olympian from Nigeria. Ms. Odumosu, who goes by “AJ,” and now lives in Alabama, said she has complete faith in Dr. Mason for one simple reason: He’s earned it.

“I first was seen by him in 2009 after the world championships and got some guidance on managing my body,” she said. “He knows the body of the athlete. He’s always steered me in the right direction and he puts my mind at ease as well.”

For AJ, Dr. Mason helps her know how hard she can train without damage to her knees.

“I have cartilage damage in my right knee and some swelling in my left knee,” she said. “I have to be able to train not only in speed, but strength, which is pounding on the knees, with long endurance runs. I have to trust that my knees will be OK, but also be realistic and listen to my body. Some days I can train hard and feel like Superwoman; some days I have to take it easier.”

While AJ won’t be joining the team in Rio for this Olympics, she praised the treatments and guidance she sought from Dr. Mason at Emory Sports Medicine.

“I trust him very, very much,” she said. “He gives me confidence that my knees aren’t going to go out on me on a jump.”

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