Foot Pain Treatment Success Story

Michele shares her foot pain journey and a hopeful story of full recovery. Learn more about what she's been through and where she is today.What can be more inspiring than real stories of real people who survived and overcame? Today we introduce to you Michele who shares her story of hope and successful recovery from foot pain.

Michele’s Foot Pain Story

Before my procedure at the Emory Orthopaedics & Spine Center, I had a tremendous amount of foot pain. I could not walk more than a couple of feet. I had tried a number  of treatments, including the use of a boot for a while.

My doctor told me that I needed a complicated surgery done, including having bones cut and tendons moved  around in my foot. I thought  that there had to be another way. So I  searched the internet and saw that Ken Mautner, MD was doing procedures with stem cells and platelets to help healing of chronic injuries. I sent him an email about my foot pain with my MRI attached. He wrote back immediately and thought I would be a good candidate for the procedure!

I called, set-up an appointment and had my procedure done. It went exactly the way Dr. Mautner explained. After the procedure, I followed all his instructions. Within a couple of weeks I was walking without any pain and I started to exercise soon thereafter. Indeed, I have had a full recovery.

Coming from someone who couldn’t use her foot without feeling pain to full recovery is remarkable. I am doing everything with my foot that I want to do…. It is awesome!

A month and a half ago I was in Atlanta and Dr. Mautner did a repeat ultrasound. It looks like a fair amount of healing has taken place.

I live In the New York area and no one is doing as sophisticated a stem cell procedure, which I thought  was pretty remarkable. Dr. Mautner and the entire staff at the Emory Sports Medicine Center were responsive and answered all my questions immediately. It was pretty impressive.

I feel like Dr. Mautner gave me back my active lifestyle. I am so grateful and appreciative.

A note from Dr. Mautner:

Mrs. Reichstein had a difficult, but common condition where a tendon in her foot, the posterior tibial tendon, had a tear in it. It was not healing.  She had tried all typical treatments without much success. The surgery for this condition is large and has a prolonged recovery.  The procedure we did at Emory Healthcare involved only her own cells. We did it in the office without any sedation needed. We used an ultrasound machine to assure accurate placement of her cells into the injured area of the body.  Patients will go in a boot for a short time after the procedure. Then, they will begin a rehabilitation program that assists in the healing response.  Mrs. Reichstein was a great patient to do the procedure on. She followed all our post-procedure instructions and continued to recover from foot pain.

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About Dr. Mautner

Dr. Kenneth Mautner helped this patient with foot pain.Dr. Ken Mautner is Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the Department of Orthopedic Surgery At Emory University in Atlanta, GA. He is board certified in PM&R with a subspecialty certification in Sports Medicine. He is the Director of Primary Care Sports Medicine at Emory and Fellowship Director for the ACGME accredited Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship. Dr. Mautner is co-editor of the Atlas of Interventional Musculoskeletal Ultrasound. He has been using Musculoskeletal U/S in his practice since 2007 for and has been teaching courses around the country since 2009. In addition, he is considered a leader in the field of Orthobiologics treatment for chronic soft tissue and joint disorders. Dr. Mautner also serves as Team Physician for Emory University, Agnes Scott College, Pace Academy and a Consulting Physician for Georgia Tech Athletes.