Is Your Summer Footwear Fashionable AND Functional?

Tired feet wedge shoesWelcome to Summer! Summertime means cute shoe season for many women, but are your strappy heels and flip flops safe? Emory Orthopedic podiatrist, Rami Calis, MD gives women tips to ensure we all are wearing the best shoes for the summer.

Dr. Calis tells our friends at Fox 5 News that wedge shoes are his favorite fashionable footwear choice for women in the summer, but he notes that women should watch the pitch of the wedge to make sure it is not too high so that the body is stable when walking.

To get more ideas on how to pick functional and fashionable shoes for the summer, watch the Fox 5 news story below:


Dr. Rami Calis

About Rami Calis, DPM:
Dr. Calis is a doctor of podiatric medicine (DPM) in the Department of Orthopaedics at Emory Healthcare. He specializes in foot and ankle injuries and conditions including arthritis, diabetic foot, plantar fasciitis, ulcer, wound care, custom orthotics, and foot and ankle biomechanics. Dr. Calis started practicing at the Emory Orthopaedics and Spine Center in 2003. He also sees patients in our Sugarloaf clinic location.


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