At EUOSH, It’s All About the Patient

The Emory University Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital is known for its strong focus on patients and families, as well as its sharp attention to detail. It’s unlike any other facility in Georgia.

In fact, EUOSH is so focused on patient satisfaction and comfort, we call upon 75 various patient committees and have adopted listening practices to ensure that we fully understand the needs of the patient. Further, we make a point to avoid being married to any sort of protocol; for example, there’s no limit on patient visiting hours, and family members are welcome to sit with patients right up until the time of surgery. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed—I’m proud to say that we have over a 90% satisfaction rate among our patients.

EUOSH is focused on teaching and research, and all of our physicians are highly specialized within their particular areas of focus.

Every room is equipped with everything a patient could possibly need for a comfortable recovery, including an interactive television that offers hospital information, a “my education” feature, the patients’ chart, health notes, and of course, regular TV channels and movie options.

EUOSH truly strives to exceed patient expectations every day. Learn more about the facility in this video:

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