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Atlanta’s Top Doctors are at Emory

Best Doctors in Atlanta 2012

In last year’s annual rankings of Atlanta’s Top Doctors, over 1/3 of all the doctors honored in Atlanta Magazine’s list were Emory physicians.  In 2012, we’re very excited to announce that nearly half of the 315 physicians recognized as Atlanta’s best doctors practice at one of our Emory facilities.

We honor, celebrate and thank all of our physicians—and the care teams that support them—for putting the care in health care and making truly patient- and family-centered care their priority each and every day. Congratulations to you all!

You can also check out the full list of the Emory Healthcare doctors—including our physicians practicing at Emory University Hospital, Emory University Hospital Midtown, Emory Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital, Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Emory Johns Creek Hospital, and our other facility and clinic locations across Atlanta—honored as Atlanta’s Top Docs on our website, by visiting:

Over 100 of Atlanta’s 2011 Top Doctors are at Emory!

In last year’s rankings of Atlanta’s Top Doctors, conducted yearly by Atlanta Magazine, nearly 40% of the doctors listed as best in Atlanta were our own Emory physicians! This year, before we found out which doctors were named to this prestigious list top doctors list, we used Facebook and Twitter to ask YOU the question, “who is your top Emory doctor?”
Emory Top Doctors Atlanta

Not surprisingly, many of you named some of the same doctors that Atlanta Magazine and researchers at Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. recently honored as the best doctors in Atlanta.

To take this honor a step further, we’ve listed all of the top doctors at Emory as named by the 2011 Top Doctors issue of Atlanta Magazine, and have included some of the wonderful feedback you have shared about them.

Cardiac Electrophysiology

David B. DeLurgio, The Emory Clinic
Angel R. Leon, The Emory Clinic

Cardiovascular Disease

Javed Butler, The Emory Clinic
Stephen D. Clements, The Emory Clinic
Andrew L. Smith, The Emory Clinic
Laurence S. Sperling, The Emory Clinic
Byron R. Williams, The Emory Clinic

Clinical Genetics

Paul M. Fernhoff, The Emory Clinic


Harold J. Brody, Hailey, Brody, Casey & Wray, M.D., P.C
Charles Douchy, North Atlanta Dermatology, PC
Mary K. Spraker, The Emory Clinic


Norman L. Elliott, Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates, LLC
Charles A. Fox, Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates, LLC

Geriatric Medicine

Jonathan M. Flacker, Wesley Woods Center
Monica L. Parker, Wesley Woods Center
Taylor R. Graves, Wesley Woods Center

Gynecologic Oncology

Ira R. Horowitz, The Emory Clinic
Sharmila K. Makhija, The Emory Clinic
Cyril O. Spann, The Emory Clinic

Hand Surgery

Linda C. Cendales, The Emory Clinic

Infectious Disease

Henry M. Blumberg, The Emory Clinic
Bruce S. Ribner, The Emory Clinic

Internal Medicine

Samantha B. Benson, Internal Medicine Associates of Johns Creek
Jonathan Masor, The Emory Clinic
Phyllis S. Tong, The Emory Clinic

Interventional Cardiology

Vasilis C. Babaliaros, The Emory Clinic
John S. Douglas, The Emory Clinic
Dr. Douglas Morris Top Doctor shout outDouglas Morris, The Emory Clinic

Maternal & Fetal Medicine

Bradford S. Bootstaylor, See Baby
Peter S. Heyl, The Emory Clinic
Michael K. Lindsay, The Emory Clinic

Medical Oncology

Fadlo Khuri, The Emory Clinic
Omer Kucuk, The Emory Clinic
David H. Lawson, The Emory Clinic
Ruth M. O’Regan, The Emory Clinic
Dong Moon Shin, The Emory Clinic
Stephan Szabo, Georgia Cancer Specialists


William H. Cleveland, Southwest Atlanta Nephrology, Inc
Janice Lea, The Emory Clinic
William Paxton, Georgia Quality Kidney Care, LLC.
Jeff M. Sands, The Emory Clinic

Neurological Surgery

Dr. Olson Top Doctor Atlanta Emory Healthcare
Daniel L. Barrow, The Emory Clinic
Jeffrey Olson, The Emory Clinic
Gerald E. Rodts, The Emory ClinicDr. Olson Top Doctor Atlanta Emory


Mahlon R. DeLong, The Emory Clinic
Jonathan D. Glass, The Emory Clinic
Anna Janss, The Emory Children’s Center
Nancy J. Newman, The Emory Clinic
Ronald J. Tusa, The Emory Clinic


Jacques E. Dion, The Emory Clinic
Patricia A. Hudgins, The Emory Clinic

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Sarah L. Berga, The Emory Clinic
Penny A. Castellano, The Emory Clinic
Robert S. Kovac, The Emory Clinic
Melinda Miller-Thrasher, Greater Atlanta Women’s Healthcare


Allen D. Beck, The Emory Clinic
Valerie Biousse, The Emory Clinic
Hans E. Grossniklaus, The Emory Clinic
Scott R. Lambert, The Emory Clinic
Timothy Olsen, The Emory Clinic

Orthopaedic Surgery

Erroll J. Bailey, Resurgens Orthopaedics
Scott D. Boden, The Emory Clinic
Robert W. Bruce, The Emory Clinic
Spero G. Karas, The Emory Clinic
James R. Roberson, The Emory Clinic
Yvonne E. Satterwhite, Resurgens Orthopaedics


Michael M. Johns III, The Emory Clinic
Douglas E. Mattox, The Emory Clinic
Julie L. Zweig, N.E. Atlanta Ear Nose and Throat, PC

Pain Medicine

Patricia Baumann, The Emory Clinic


Whitaker C. Sewell, The Emory Clinic
Sharon A. W. Weiss, The Emory Clinic

Pediatric Cardiology

Robert M. Campbell, The Emory’s Children Center
Martha L. Clabby, The Emory’s Children Center
Robert N. Vincent, The Emory’s Children Center

Pediatric Endocrinology

Lillian R. Meacham, The Emory’s Children Center
Andrew B. Muir, The Emory’s Children Center

Pediatric Hematology-Oncology

Thomas A. Olson, The Emory’s Children Center

Pediatric Nephrology

Laurence A. Greenbaum, The Emory’s Children Center
Barry L. Warshaw, The Emory’s Children Center

Pediatric Rheumatology

Larry B. Vogler, The Emory’s Children Center

Pediatric Surgery

Richard R. Ricketts, The Emory’s Children Center
Mark L. Wulkan, The Emory’s Children Center

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

David D. Hubbell, The Emory Clinic

Plastic Surgery

Roderick T. Hester, Jr, The Emory Clinic
Albert Losken, The Emory Clinic
Phillip Nakano, Prima Center for Plastic Surgery
Joseph K. Williams, Atlanta Plastic Surgery


Scott D. Firestone, The Emory Clinic
Lawrence J. Giustra, The Emory Clinic
Steven T. Levy, The Emory Clinic
Larry E. Tune, Wesley Woods Center

Pulmonary Disease

Dr. Bechara Top Doctor Atlanta Emory

Rabih I. Bechara, The Emory Clinic
Thomas P. DeMarini, Southeastern Lung Care, PC
Kenneth V. Leeper, The Emory Clinic
David A. Schulman, The Emory Clinic
Gerald W. Staton, The Emory Clinic

Radiation Oncology

Jonathan J. Beitler, The Emory Clinic
Dr. Olson Top Doctor Atlanta EmoryIan R. Crocker, The Emory Clinic
Jerome C. Landry, The Emory Clinic

Reproductive Endocrinology

Carla Roberts, The Emory Clinic
Donna R. Session, The Emory Clinic


Jonathan E. Waltuck, The Emory Clinic

Sports Medicine

John W. Xerogeanes, The Emory Clinic


Timothy G. Buchman, The Emory Clinic
David V. Feliciano, The Emory Clinic
Sheryl G. A. Gabram, The Emory Clinic
John R. Galloway, The Emory Clinic
Christopher J. Hart, Johns Creek Surgery, PC
Stuart J. Knechtle, The Emory Clinic
Dr. Larson, Dr. Newell Top Doctor Atlanta Christian P. Larsen, The Emory Clinic
Transplant doctors top doctors atlantaKenneth A. Newell, The Emory Clinic
Charles A. Staley, The Emory Clinic
Dr. Sweeney Atlanta top doctorJohn F. Sweeney, The Emory Clinic

Collin J. Weber, The Emory Clinic
William C. Wood, The Emory Clinic

Thoracic Surgery

Dr. Seth Force Top Doctor AtlantaSeth D. Force, The Emory Clinic
Robert A. Guyton, The Emory Clinic
Kirk R. Kanter, The Emory Children’s Center
Dr. Miller Top Doctor Atlanta EmoryDaniel L. Miller, The Emory Clinic


Fray F. Marshall, The Emory Clinic

Vascular & Interventional Radiology

Kevin (Hyun) Kim, The Emory Clinic
Curtis A. Lewis, The Emory Clinic

Emory Healthcare blogWe congratulate all the Emory doctors who made the 2011 Atlanta magazine rankings of Atlanta’s Top Doctors list and are very proud that more than 100 of the 318 physicians recognized this year practice at one of our Emory facilities. A special thanks to our patients and their families for putting their trust in us every day. If you’d like to shout out a doctor on this list, feel free to add your comments to our Facebook status or tweet at us on Twitter and we’ll be sure to update this post with your feedback!