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Dirt Does Good: From Construction Site to Soccer Field

Emory Sustainable ConstructionAs you can imagine, digging space for a nine-level, 450,000-square-foot building with 500 underground parking spaces kicks up a lot of dirt! To continue all sustainability efforts with the new bed tower construction on Clifton Campus, the construction team set a goal to find another organization that could use the dirt that was displaced during the site expansion. As luck would have it, they found a most deserving recipient!

Multiple dump trucks hauled 78,000 cubic yards of dirt and filling material from the Emory University Hospital expansion site to Clarkston, GA. The dirt will be used to construct a soccer field at the Fugees Academy, the nation’s only school dedicated to refugee education. Fugees Family, Inc., is a non-profit organization devoted to working with child survivors of war. The organization’s efforts include year-round soccer for 90 boys and girls ages 10-18, after-school tutoring, soccer for 50 elementary-aged students, an academic enrichment summer camp and the Fugees Academy.

A.L. Grading Contractors, Inc., imported and placed the dirt at the site, while Breedlove Land Planning provided engineering services, which together would have cost more than $1 million. In the spirit of assisting Fugees Family in its philanthropic endeavor of providing recreational and learning opportunities for the refugee children residing in the Clarkston area, A.L. Grading’s lump sum fee was just $1.00.

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Oh the Places (those trees) Will Go!

Emory Healthcare Trees Recycling ExpansionAs Emory Healthcare continues our expansion efforts to meet the needs of our patients, we are beginning to clear the land in front of Emory Clinic Building B on the Emory University campus to make way for a new hospital bed tower. During this process we began removing trees in this area on October 4. The site will be cleared by October 15. As a part of the “no net loss of Forest Canopy policy” we will reuse, recycle and replant the trees that we take down to ensure we are being as environmentally friendly as possible. Some of the ways we will reuse, recycle and salvage are:

  • The branches will be mulched for future use around the Emory campus.
  • The trees will be collected and removed from the site for recycling and salvage.
  • Some of the lumber will be used in the new hospital expansion project.
  • We will be replanting 128 trees across campus during the Fall 2012.

We are very excited about the expansion of Emory Healthcare and are confident that our patients and employees will benefit from our expanded facilities. As we expand please know that Emory Healthcare is committed to preserving the environment and maintaining our lush green community/campus. For more information on Emory’s replanting project during construction, visit To keep updated on all the news regarding the expansion visit