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Emory University Hospital’s Asbury Café is Fighting Food Waste with Second Helpings

Second Helpings Atlanta logoThe Food and Nutrition Services team at Emory University Hospital’s Asbury Café diligently works behind the scenes after the daily breakfast rush to package and freeze leftover food items. All this extra work is for a good cause. Unused pans of high-protein items, such as eggs, bacon and sausage, are donated to Second Helpings Atlanta, a nonprofit food rescue organization whose mission is to reduce hunger and food waste in metro Atlanta.

Every Thursday, volunteers from Second Helpings Atlanta pick up pounds of frozen breakfast leftovers from Asbury Café and deliver the food to the Good Samaritan Health Center, which serves hot meals to the homeless. “We have been partnering with Second Helpings Atlanta for almost two years now,” says Emory University Hospital Executive Chef Mike Bacha. “On average, we donate 300 pounds of breakfast leftovers per month to Second Helpings.”

In 2018, Asbury Café donated 2,755 pounds of rescued food items to Second Helpings Atlanta. Through these donations, Second Helpings Atlanta was able to stream valuable food into the metro Atlanta community to feed individuals and families who face the challenges of poverty and food insecurity.

“I give credit to the cooks and café attendants who spend valuable time and effort packaging and freezing leftover breakfast items. Without their dedication, we wouldn’t be able to contribute to this great cause,” says Bacha.

Emory Healthcare would like to give a big shoutout to the following staff at Asbury Café for demonstrating Emory Healthcare service and their commitment to transforming healthcare in our community.

  • Charles Richardson, chef
  • Moses Quarterman, sous chef
  • Anthony Batchelor, cook
  • Jackie Tutt, food & nutrition associate
  • Jackie Fletcher, food services attendant II

If your Food and Nutrition Services team is interested in partnering with Second Helpings Atlanta, please reach out to Mike Bacha at

More About Second Helpings Atlanta

Since 2004, Second Helpings Atlanta’s community of volunteers have been picking up surplus nutritious, perishable and frozen prepared food from grocery stores, big box retailers, corporate dining halls, hospitals, and large events, and delivering it to more than 50 front-line agencies in metro Atlanta that feed the hungry every day. The food they rescue gets diverted from landfills and is used to feed those in need. To learn more, visit

More About Good Samaritan Health Center

The Good Samaritan Health Center works to remove the barriers preventing low-income families and individuals from obtaining access to quality health care in metro Atlanta by providing medical, dental, health education, mental health, and social services. To learn more, visit

Together Everyone Achieves More – The Emory Difference

Emory Healthcare CommunityWith our reach and community involvement growing by the day, we at Emory Healthcare have spent a lot of time discussing what it is that makes our Emory Healthcare community such an important part of what we do. Who is part of our community? How many lives are we touching? Where can our community be found?

The answer to these questions are simple. The Emory Healthcare community is more than just a network of hospitals, affiliated and community hospitals, clinics, and telehealth locations. Our community is the people that make Emory Healthcare so special. It’s about our nurses, physicians, and staff that work with our patients, rather than on them. It’s our patients, families, and the communities that rely on the outstanding patient-centered care and innovative research taking place at Emory Healthcare every day.

Despite the fact that we have hospital and care facilities across Atlanta and the state of Georgia, our community extends beyond state lines and even globally.

Our community has taken shape on the Web, where we are able to get valuable feedback from interacting with our patients, families and people like you all over the world. We use tools like our YouTube channel to provide free educational videos, and our blog, to give our community free and easy access to doctor expertise and advice.

Our medical advances, clinical trials, research and educational efforts allow us to embrace the health care community as a whole, and play a role as a leader in advancing the possibilities of patient centered care. In an environment where we empower patients, their families, and our community to participate in and embrace their own health and care, everyone benefits. That’s the Emory difference.