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May is Stroke awareness month and Stroke is not only one of the leading causes of death, it is also a leading cause of disabilities in the world. As more stroke victims survive due to advances in acute treatment of strokes, effective strategies and interventions for rehabilitation are required to truly optimize post-stroke outcomes. Previously, it was believed that stroke recovery occurred only in a short time period and was greatly limited. In recent years, knowledge with respect to stroke recovery has expanded greatly and those prior beliefs are being challenged. Furthermore, emerging technology may provide additional treatment options beyond the standard therapy and practices.

In honor of Stroke Month, Dr. Samir Belagaje, stroke neurologist at Emory University and Director of Stroke Rehabilitation at the Marcus Stroke Center, recently answered questions about stroke recovery and provided insight into recently completed trials, current clinical management of various stroke deficits, and updates on future technology for stroke rehabilitation. You can check out the full chat transcript below:

Live Blog Stroke Awareness Month 2015

  • Dorin S.

    How do I join this chat that I signed up for? Stroke recovery? I can’t find it even when I click the link.

    • Dorin, were you not able to view the chat live? We apologize if you weren’t able to join us because of technical issues, but we will be posting the full transcript of the chat very soon. We will send you a link to that, as well as the follow-up blog Dr. Belagaje will post in an email early next week. In the meantime, if you have any questions for Dr. Belagaje, you can leave them here in the comments section and we will make sure he sees them.

  • Becky

    What other factors or conditions can effect my husbands recovery? Are there things I should be on the look out for?

  • Pamela

    Wish to have more chats like this in the future

  • Cynthia

    Please send me a link to the live chat also. Thanks

  • James Filhart

    I e-mailed you last week to see if I could tune in late also. I haven’t heard anything from you. What can I do?

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