Answering the Question of Why

Susan Grant, RNWe have received a lot of feedback since the news broke that our team at Emory University Hospital would be caring for two patients who contracted Ebola while serving on a humanitarian mission. In an opinion editorial in Wednesday’s Washington Post, Susan Grant, RN, chief nursing executive for Emory Healthcare, explains the many reasons for Emory’s commitment to helping these patients. Read more here.

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  • toby f.

    is there any place that gives updates on the pts? as a nurse I understand privacy issues but this is a big learning opportunity.
    For example, how are the pts lab values-was the blood (plasma?) transfusion of any benefit?
    are they able to be up or are they too debilitated?
    Will they be able to do some sort of press conference?
    have they required blood transfusions?

    • Thanks for your question. Due to HIPAA regulations, we are unable to share any private health information about any potential patients.

  • Crystal G

    I read the letter by Ms. Grant, and here is my response. I agree that this article highlights the value of bringing the two Americans home to treat them for Ebola. The head nurse states the fear is unwarrented but I disagree. I can understand the tremendous fear the community of the United States has because HIV was once just in Africa too…….. HIV is also a virus that hides from would be created antibodies. As a health care educated person, I can appreciate the effort to contain the virus , learn it, treat it and create a vaccine or treatment protocol for the future. The predicament comes with how to best bridge the gap of fear in the community with the understanding of the medical knowledge. When I first saw the video that is linked, I thought ” Oh, I am going to post this on facebook for sharing knowledge.” I thought better of it when I realized it was a horrible , frightning video that would promote fear. If their was a video created by the Emory hospital that shared the facts on why it is good and safe to bring the Ebola patients here, similar to the written material, I would gladly post it.