Celebrating Earth Day!

Earth Day 2014Since 1970, Americans have recognized April 22 as Earth Day. In honor of this celebration of our amazing planet, we thought we’d fill you in on how we’re keeping the environment top of mind as we expand and renovate Emory University Hospital.

  • In keeping with Emory’s “No Net Loss of Forest Canopy” Policy, we planted 133 trees on campus to replace the trees lost in preparing the footprint of the new building. Emory Healthcare committed to replant the removed trees in new locations across the Clifton Campus. Any trees that could not be replanted will be recycled, and the reclaimed wood will be incorporated into new construction.
  • Emory Healthcare partnered with the Lifecycle Building Center to recover building materials such as hand railings, bathroom plumbing fixtures, signage, kitchen cabinets, doors and windows from previously existing buildings on the site for reuse in other local projects.
  • Implementing a Clean Construction Policy, Emory Healthcare has asked its building contractors to adhere to the strictest construction equipment pollution controls possible in order to reduce the emissions of smog-forming pollutants that are hazardous to human health and the environment.
  • The newly renovated Woodruff Circle shuttle area, the drop-off area near the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Administration Building and the expanded valet area near Emory University Hospital all have bioswales incorporated into their physical redesign. Bioswales are used to naturally treat and disperse runoff water flowing from surfaces such as asphalt. Water drains through the bioswale and into Dekalb County’s stormwater pipes. What comes out of the pipes and into our community creeks is cleaner and slower, reducing contamination and the effects of erosion and flooding.

How will you and your family be recognizing Earth Day this year?

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