Taking a Stand Against Smoking

CVS Bans Sale of CigarettesThe dangers of smoking are well-documented, and public awareness campaigns and reports have gone a long way in in reducing the number of smokers. But for those who do still smoke, finding cigarettes might not be as easy as it used to be.

In a bold stand for public health, CVS Caremark Corporation announced plans to remove all tobacco products from its shelves starting by October, making it the first drug store chain to do so. CVS joins several organizations in its fight against smoking, including Emory Healthcare and Emory University, which both became tobacco-free in 2012.

“Tobacco use has been tied to some of the most devastating diseases including 30 percent of all cancers, and is the single most preventable cause of disease, disability, and death in the United States,” says F. Kennard Hood, MD, a primary care physician at Emory at Eagles Landing and a medical director for MinuteClinic. “We’re very proud of CVS for promoting a healthier lifestyle by discontinuing the sale of tobacco products. As an Emory physician, it makes me feel very positive about the collaboration we have with CVS in our ongoing efforts to promote health and wellness.”

Through its 37 local neighborhood MinuteClinics located across the Metro Atlanta area, CVS also offers smoking cessation support. Through our clinical affiliation, Emory physicians serve as medical directors for MinuteClinic locations in metro Atlanta, as well as collaborate on patient education and disease management initiatives.

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