Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia and Emory Healthcare Establish Partnership to Improve Quality & Reduce Costs

Emory Healthcare Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia PartnershipWe at Emory Healthcare, Georgia’s largest health care system, along with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia, Inc. and Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthcare Plan of Georgia, Inc. (collectively “BCBSGa”), the state’s largest health solutions company, have announced the signing of an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) agreement. Our partnership with BCBSGa is designed to enhance health care by reducing costs and improving quality through increased collaboration and efficiency.

Our partnership with BCBSGa better connects Emory Healthcare as a system with BCBSGa as an insurance carrier to hold us all accountable for the quality and costs of care we deliver to our patients. Through this partnership, Emory Healthcare patients with BCBSGa coverage will now have yet another great resource to ensure their health and well-being. This partnership will not only assist in increasing the coordination of care among employed and private practice providers in the Emory Healthcare Network, but will also promote patient engagement in making healthcare decisions in collaboration with their Emory physicians.

We are committed to providing the full scope of health services required for our patients, and together with BCBSGa, for delivering enhanced care coordination, quality and cost management across that continuum of care. In short, our partnership will help in:

  • Improving quality care while managing costs
  • Connecting patients with the right doctor
  • Ensuring patients receive appropriate care
  • Enhancing care coordination
  • Helping align the right resources that improve outcomes and patient satisfaction
  • Encouraging patients to take charge of their care
  • Population health management

In addition, this partnership fosters extensive collaboration among the Emory Healthcare Network physicians and BCBSGa’s care delivery teams, who share information to ensure our physicians’ plan of care is being followed. Our physicians will receive regular reports that alert them of any gaps in care in their practices, such as missed care recommendations or preventive care screening reminders. This information will help our physicians transform their practices, increase patient engagement and improve the health of our patients.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with BCBSGa to enhance the way we deliver care to our community.

  • Virginia V.

    These past 2 years, my husband has been a patient at both Emory Hospital and Emory St Joesph’s Hospitals. He has had excellent nursing, and been very well cared for both places. After his last surgery, his thinking is muddled and his behavior has not been typical. He has become a very difficult person to deal with. His nurses and all of the staff have remained concerned, helpful non judgmental, patient and most of the time cheerful. I am very grateful for them and their behavior, it has been hard for me, because his anger is expressed to me, but they have been supportive calm and always there when needed. I was impressed by the way each person on the floor helped each other when 2 people were required. In all of this I want to be sure that Pam (case worker) and Andre (PT) are included.

    It is hard for me to find enough words to express how wonderful the nurses and staff on the 3rd floor south have been. Any amount of praise is too little, I hope when awards and raises are approved, that this letter will be considered.

  • Paulette Leslie

    As an employee of Emory Healthcare not covered by the company group insurance, who had insurance with Blue Cross in the past which was cancelled due to none payment, then re-applied months after for coverage but was denied for no valid reason get coverage now for me and my 18yr. old twins? We now only have dental insurance.