As Allergy Season Approaches, Emory & MinuteClinic® are here to Help!

CVS Minute Clinic Emory HealthcareMore than 35 million Americans are sensitive to pollen and as spring approaches, so also do the days of yellow dusted cars, sneezes and runny noses. While we’re all looking forward to the upcoming warm weather and sunny skies, for those of us with allergies or pollen sensitivity, spring can be an especially difficult time of year.

In our previous coverage of allergy season, we outlined our top 5 tips to help you beat pollen sensitivity, which shed light on easy steps you can take to protect yourself from allergy flare ups and sneeze attacks this spring. Unfortunately, sometimes protective measures aren’t enough to control allergy symptoms.

For many of our patients who experience seasonal allergies and thus, anticipate them coming each year, planning to schedule an appointment with our Emory Sinus, Nasal & Allergy Center doctors well in advance of the season, is common. But what happens when your sinus pressure is building, the sneezes won’t stop, and it’s Saturday? Or what if you’re close to home and haven’t scheduled an appointment with your allergist? Not to worry!

Thanks to our clinical affiliate MinuteClinic®, the medical clinic inside CVS/pharmacy®, and their 37 local neighborhood locations conveniently located across the Metro Atlanta area, you’re in luck! MinuteClinic’s family nurse practitioners can help diagnose, treat, and prescribe when medically indicated for your seasonal allergy symptoms. If an over-the-counter medication will do the job, their practitioners will help you choose the right one.

As part of our affiliation and with your permission, MinuteClinic will send a visit summary to your Emory doctor. This will ensure you receive the most coordinated and best possible care to help you stay healthy.

So you can find convenient, close-to-home treatment for your sinus, nasal and allergy problems, without an appointment? You read right. MinuteClinic is open seven days a week, including evenings and weekends. Most insurance is accepted. For more information MinuteClinic , our affiliation and their metro Atlanta locations, visit:

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