Emory Healthcare Celebrates National Family Caregivers Month

November is National Family Caregivers month, a time to thank, support, educate and empower family caregivers. Here at Emory we strive and take pride in giving exceptional care to our patients, family members and community. In fulfilling our purpose of providing patient- and family-centered care, Emory Healthcare invites patients and family members to partner with us as part of our Patient and Family Advisor (PFA) program. We recognize that family and friends are an integral part in a patient’s recovery.

Family caregivers are the most familiar with their care recipient’s medicine regimen; they are the most knowledgeable about the treatment regimen; and they understand best the dietary and exercise capabilities and/or limitations of their loved ones.

“Being a family caregiver has become a more-than-fulltime job.  Emory has helped me do that well with the way the staff treats the caregiver role as an integral partnership.  We have come to know, love and appreciate the caring relationships we have developed with staff throughout Emory who, in addition to great medical care, give both my husband and me emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual support.”Sylvia Bell PFA for Emory Healthcare

“My family and I have received excellent service from Emory Johns Creek Hospital and in an effort to return the favor, I became a PFA.  Since healthcare providers may not always understand how their actions and communications are perceived, I hope that as a PFA, the insight I offer from a patient and caregiver point of view can help to improve the overall patient experience for others.”Tobie Walters, PFA at Emory Johns Creek Hospital since March 2012

Although November is National Family Caregivers month, we thank and appreciate all of our family caregiver members year round! We look to them for advice and guidance to ensure exceptional care delivery for patients and families, even during the most difficult times. We thank you all and salute you for your dedication and commitment to family, community and care!

“This month and throughout the year, let the quiet perseverance of our family caregivers remind us of the decency and kindness to which we can all aspire.”
President Barack Obama, 2011’s NFC Proclamation

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