Two Emory Hospitals Awarded for Quality Achievements by University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC)

Emory National Quality Hospital Leadership Award Rankings UHC

Dear Friends in the Atlanta Community,

Emory Healthcare is proud to care for the residents of Atlanta and Georgia, and we want to thank you for trusting in us to deliver quality patient care. You can take comfort and pride in knowing that Emory Healthcare is the only health care system in Georgia to have hospitals ranked among the top 10 academic health systems in America for quality and accountability by the University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC). As the authority on quality for academic medical centers, UHC included not just one, but TWO of Emory Healthcare’s hospitals in its top 10 list. No other health care system has ever had TWO hospitals in the national top 10 UHC list simultaneously.

A top ranking by UHC means more than just great care. Since UHC ranks only academic medical centers that typically treat more complex patients than most hospitals, making their top ten list of the 101 participants reflects the ultimate assessment of organizational performance in setting the standard in quality and safety. In 2006, Emory Healthcare established a goal to achieve the UHC top 10 ranking and took on the challenge of meeting the rigorous standards UHC sets for measuring attributes of quality, safety and patient service. We are proud to have achieved this goal for our two largest teaching hospitals – Emory University Hospital (combined with Emory University Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital) ranked #2 and Emory University Hospital Midtown ranked #6.

There is no secret sauce to this phenomenal achievement. It is the result of years of your intense work, scrutinizing and improving the quality and safety of care we provide and never accepting “good enough.” It is the result of teams across our entire organization that have firmly resolved to do better and better each day for our patients.

What does that mean for you? It means that:

  • Because of Emory’s patient- and family-centered care approach, when you walk into an Emory facility, you can count on receiving top quality patient care.
  • Every single patient who enters our hospital and clinic doors is treated like a VIP.
  • Success is measured in the number of lives we save.
  • As a patient, you will have less time in a hospital bed and more time at home with your family.

At Emory, we’re committed to continue restoring Atlantans back to health. I would like to personally thank our more than 16,000 dedicated professionals—physicians, nurses and staff who are obsessed with quality—working around the clock, always searching for better ways to save lives and help you get and stay well. What we do at Emory Healthcare helps create a healthier Atlanta and Georgia. We have more work to do on additional improvements, but want to share this key milestone with the communities we serve. Thank you.


John Fox
President and CEO, Emory Healthcare

Learn More About Hospital Quality Measures & What They Mean:

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  • Judy Rowe

    I am totally dumbfounded that Emory Midtown was ranked #6. My mother was there and we had the absolute worst experience. JCAHO was doing an inspection and the nurses decided it was necessary to clear the halls so they pushed carts into my mom’s room and totally blocked any exit from the room. If there had been an emergency, my mother would not have been able to get out of her room. I believe that’s considered endangerment. Now if JCAHO had seen this, I doubt the hospital would have passed inspection.

  • Heide H.

    Congratulations, especially to Emory University Hospital Midtown..the best group of employees in Atlanta!!!!

    I am a retiree and I am so proud of everyone…

  • Yvette L.

    I have ALWAYS gotten excellent healthcare and treatment at every Emory I’ve been to! Patient care, surgery, and manners of the staff.
    Thank You, Emory!

  • Richard W.

    Proud of you guys! I started at Crawford in ’82 and can look back and see this coming on then!

  • kari a.

    My sister has been fighting cancer for 12 years aided by the very skilled and amazingly compassionate staff at Emory!